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Going to exchange for a speedy tonight


Dec 5, 2006
My boyfriend got me a FUSCHIA PERFO POCHETTE for my birthday. :yahoo: I was very excited at first, but then I feel I just can't warm up to it enough. I have been longing for a speedy as my first LV bag. :wlae: So we are going to the local boutique to exchange.
Mono 25, 30 or Damier? :confused1: I am not quite sure yet. I need to try them on.:rolleyes:
Any suggestion is welcomed before I leave pretty soon here.
BTW, anyone thinks I should keep the Perfo?

Texas Girl

Jul 21, 2006
If your heart is set on a speedy, then go get you one, girl! Try both sizes on and you'll know which one suits you best. I'm no expert on the perfo pieces, but I think the fuschia color is more rare than the others. I would say if you can afford to keep the perfo and also get the speedy, then that's the way to go.

LV mania

May 7, 2006
damier 30....

i have the mono 25 and get really fussy about the vachetta handles getting dark/dirty. if you like a dark patina on your bags then it'll be fine but i hate my lv bags getting any darker than a light honey. with the damier, you don't have to worry about the handles getting dirty ever! also, the 30 is bigger and i tend to carry too much stuff in my 25.