Going to exchange for a speedy tonight

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  1. My boyfriend got me a FUSCHIA PERFO POCHETTE for my birthday. :yahoo: I was very excited at first, but then I feel I just can't warm up to it enough. I have been longing for a speedy as my first LV bag. :wlae: So we are going to the local boutique to exchange.
    Mono 25, 30 or Damier? :confused1: I am not quite sure yet. I need to try them on.:rolleyes:
    Any suggestion is welcomed before I leave pretty soon here.
    BTW, anyone thinks I should keep the Perfo?
  2. If your heart is set on a speedy, then go get you one, girl! Try both sizes on and you'll know which one suits you best. I'm no expert on the perfo pieces, but I think the fuschia color is more rare than the others. I would say if you can afford to keep the perfo and also get the speedy, then that's the way to go.
  3. speedy 30 mono, you will love it!
  4. Congrats on getting a LV for your B-day:yahoo: Happy birthday!!! You can decide whether to keep the perfo or not after you tried out the Speedies:graucho:
  5. Happy birthday. I have the mono speedy 30, and I love it. I am sure whatever you decide, it will be fantastic. Let us know what you get.

  6. :yes:
  7. Happy B-Day!:balloon: I have speedy 30 as my everyday bag and love it as it can carry loads of stuff. Have fun trying the speedies.
  8. I love love Speedy Azur...

    Just go back and try wearing all of them...

    BTW, Happy Birthday!!
  9. mono is always a good first bag.. its so traditional..
  10. damier 30....

    i have the mono 25 and get really fussy about the vachetta handles getting dark/dirty. if you like a dark patina on your bags then it'll be fine but i hate my lv bags getting any darker than a light honey. with the damier, you don't have to worry about the handles getting dirty ever! also, the 30 is bigger and i tend to carry too much stuff in my 25.
  11. Happy Birthday! have a good time...I say damier 25:graucho:
  12. happy birthday!!!!!!! i'd say damier..25 or 30, up to u!
  13. Happy Birthday! return the perfo!Get the mono speedy!
  14. If you heart has been set on a Speedy, I would definitely get a Speedy. I vote for Mono unless you can find a Damier with lining that doesn't bleed.
  15. Mono speedy is a GREAT choice for a first LV bag - sooooooooooo classic! As for the size, I'd try them both on and see what fits your frame best. Good luck and can't wait to see pics!!!!