Going to Europe with LV!!!!!!

  1. Hi Friends,

    soon I wil be heading to Europe with some girfriends, never been, I am trying to decide what type of lv bag to bring or if I need to purchase something new. Any suggestions, I have a few speedies, the popincourt, popincourt haut, Alma etc,,just not sure of any of those will work. I really need some advice. I have never been over seas and not really sure what to expect! thank you for help!!!!!
  2. Hi Baby Doll!
    Sorry, but I couldn't help laughing! :p
    Europe is not a different planet! LoL! I think you should bring the bag(s) you feel comfortable with!
    May I ask which countries are you visiting?
    Anyway, I think that a Speedy (in a Summer colour) for everyday use and the popincourt for formal-ish occasions (of for a fancy club) would be perfect!
  3. I suggest something cross body or on the shoulder so that you can be hands free to browse in all the lovely shops.
  4. Baby Doll, all your LVs were designed and probably made in Europe, so you are bringing them to their home continent:smile: - so don't worry, they'll all be fine. Maybe you prefer to have a shoulder bag to have your hands free for shopping! ;)
  5. Speedy and a shoulder bag as everyone suggested. Europe will be fantastic for your bags! Where are you heading?
  6. Eh... well... I go abroad frequently and I don't bring anything expensive or flashy with me when I go. I'd rather blend in as much as possible and be less of a target for muggings and the like. As a tourist, you're gonna stick out like a sore thumb anyway. ;) Also unless you have your bags insured, I wouldn't risk the possibility of losing them in your luggage.
  7. <----- Funny, when I'm in Europe, I notice that it's mostly Americans who sport their LVs there.....I myself would wear something low-key and low-target, especially if travelling in a group. Oh, and don't forget the big nylon duffle bag to bring back all the stuff you will buy from LV !!!
  8. Your posts made me have second thoughts!...
    I don't know which country are you going to visit, but since you're going in a group and probably you'll be visiting every touristic spot, then you should carry a low profile bag. But if you want a less "touristic" experience just rock your bags like an European native! There are lots of fantastic non-touristic places to visit where you don't have to worry about carrying high-end goods. I have a suggestion: why don't you buy the LV Europe City Guide? It's plenty of fabulous places for you to visit, and sure there's no need be affraid to carry your bags with you there!!
  9. Hi! I allready welcome you! Which countries are you going to visit? I would take a speedy with me to carry closed on your arm. They don't rip bags but what's inside them so you'll be safe!
  10. I would leave your bags at home and buy a new one when you get there!
  11. I would take at least one nice bag for when shopping :graucho:.

    If you do take any bags....REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR RECEIPTS!!!! That way you can prove you bought them in the US, and they won't try and charge you custom fees :smile:
  12. I am from Europe and I'm visiting Rome in 25 days
    I'm leaving my speedy at home and bought a cute 12 euros bag a few days ago
    When traveling i don't want to risk my bags getting dirty, stolen etc
    I read in a Rome guide that you should always wear cross body bags and be really carefull
    Last year I went to Paris and brought my speedy, I have to admit that the vachette got stained and I dind't really feel comfortable walking around with it in some parts of the city
  13. Exactly- shoulder bag for handsfree shopping.
  14. I agree.
  15. I would bring a shoulder bag so you can be free to use your hands, also you are most likely going to be doing a lot of walking so a shoulder bag will be most comfortable.