Going to Europe~What LV would you take?? Help!!

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  1. Hi LV lovers,
    Leaving soon for a long two weeks in Italy, France, Spain, and Greece, I have three bags I think would be perfect for the trip, for ease of wearing and size. Which would you take???
    1....Monogram Stephen
    2....Galliera GM
    3....Watercolor speedy 30 brown

    I am leaning to the Stephen, simply because of the strap that allows you to carry it as a messenger bag, but the Galliera is fab too, although too big??? speedy to hard because handheld?

    Anyone with other ideas for the best travel everyday LV let me know, I am not opposed to buying the perfect one for my trip!

  2. Galliera GM - Hands free to carry shopping bags
  3. I think the messenger option of the Stephen is a big plus!
  4. I would take a small clutch and buy a new bag when I got there! It's Europe!
  5. since you're leaning toward the mono stephen, i say go for it! i think bags that can be worn in different ways are more useful for travel rather than bags you can only wear one way because wearing it the whole day can get tiring. plus, you're going to carry a lot of stuff because you're traveling right? it's better to have a big bag to bring the stuff you need or more. :]
  6. Definitely someting that you can wear cross body to keep your hands free. The stephen would also be great for you to carry everything with !
  7. The stephen...its handsfree and fancy :smile:
  8. take either stephen or galleria.
  9. stephen or galliera.... i like the stephen because its more rare/special than the galliera.
  10. :tup:
  11. Stephen!
  12. I'd buy a new one while I'm in France since all bags are a fair bit cheaper there :smile: .
  13. Monogram Stephen hands free :smile:

  14. Agreed.
  15. stephen has my vote! wear it in differnent ways is the best for traveling.