Going to Dorney Park!!!

  1. No Coach outlets here??? Say it aint so!!! What else is there that is coach around here??
  2. Reading isn't too terribly far away... about 30 miles or so.
    ETA: Dorney is the best!
  3. I'm pretty sure there are outlets in Reading (including Coach) which isn't super far from Allentown. Also there's definitely a Coach outlet in Lancaster-not sure how far that is from Allentown though, I'd guess about an hour's drive or so- maybe a little farther. It's in the Tanger outlet center.
  4. Kat, I was in the Reading outlet about 3 weeks ago and they really had nothing that interesting. IMO , it wouldn't be worth the drive. Which highways will you be traveling to get to Allentown? PM me if you would like.:smile: I live in the area.
  5. :sad: I went today!!

    It was horrible! THe rental car made a mistake with the car so we couldnt get one, we had to take the bus, got there around 2 pm and left around 6 30 :sad: got on a super super duper scary ride and got the wits scared out of me and the worst part!! didnt get to go to coach outlet :sad: damn rental car company!!

    oh well i m going to hershey in 2 weeks!!
  6. the coach outlet in reading is the best!!! i live in reading and frequent there about once every 2 weeks. its a signature outlet and they carry alot of signature items. I just got a paid of kayla rose sunglasses for 63.00!!( last pair). The SA told me that Friday the 24th they would have their new stuff in for winter. so i am going today to check it out. if anyone is interested ill post back and let you guys know whats there! I heard the outlet in Tanger and Lancaster are not signature stores? but i do not know how true that may be.
  7. wow so is reading near lancaster or mechanisburg or harrisburg??? hmmmmm *goes to look*
  8. lancaster is about 45 min away from lancaster (so i hear with the new highway they put in). I got a large signature carly yesterday at the outlet in reading for 279. what a steal. I asked the SA if it was the only one they got in and it was. Thank god i got there as soon as it opened or it would have been gone in a flash, the reading outlets get mobbed on a sunday FYI