Going to Disney World... What bags to bring?

  1. Hi everyone! I am leaving Saturday for Disney World and I need to know what bags you all think would be best to bring with me...

    I currently own the following (all are Monogram Canvas):

    Eole 60 (obviously I will use this as my "checked" luggage)
    Speedy 25
    Neverfull GM

    I would appreciate any opinions! Thanks everyone!

    ~~ Sandy*
  2. I think the Neverfull would be perfect for Disney World because it's roomy and easy to stuff random goodies into it.
  3. I'd say the Trouville for your toiletries and Neverfull GM to carry your stuff around while in Disney World.
  4. I'd actually go with the Batignolles to wear around Disney- I'd be more comfortable with the top closure as opposed to the Neverfull's "openess". I'd also take along a smaller pochette-sized bag for when you don't need/want to carry around as much.
  5. I agree....take the Bat.
  6. I'd take the Neverfull and speedy!
  7. neverfull or batignolles, keep your hands free
  8. I am a Disney veteran (5 trips in 3 years) and you will never wear a hand-held bag like the Speedy except maybe on the airplane. There is just too much walking and stuff to schlep around.

    I brought my White MC Pochette Accessories on my last trip and it was great. It was lightweight but still able to fit my essentials like my keycard, money and some makeup. I also brought my Denim Baggy PM which worked pretty well but the straps got a little beat up.

    I think your Neverfull will be too big, so I would take your Batignolles. Or, can you splurge on a Pochette Accessories? Maybe for valentine's day?
  9. nothing with vachetta!!
  10. OOPS - I forgot to list a few! I also have:

    Pochette Accessoires
    Groom Key & Change Holder
    Groom Round Coin Purse
    Zippy Wallet
    Simple Checkbook
    Tresor Wallet
  11. Neverfull GM
    fits over the shoulder and will hold your sweaters and keep your hands free.
    and this Pochette Accessoires to attach inside the bag. :smile: for your money and keycard( or whatever)
  12. Neverfull would be practical
  13. The Neverfull would NOT be practical if you intend on going on rides. You won't be able to take the bag on some rides, You may not want to take it on any rides because the bag doesn't close.

    I would suggest a Speedy.
  14. ^^ good point. I was thinking about just walking around and not going on rides. Buuuuut it's Disney World so of course you have to go on rides! Take the Speedy if you don't mind carrying it!
  15. I would actually recommend not carrying an LV purse while you're at Disney World. In case it rains, or you go on any water rides, you won't want your LV purse to get wet. Instead, why not bring a small backpack for when you're walking around the Disney parks - and bring one of your LV accessories to put inside the backpack But, when you're out at night for dinner, then you could bring one of your LV bags - maybe the BH?

    Have fun!