Going to Disney May 24th-want wedding figure back!

  1. I am hoping you all can motivate me to stick to eating healthy and exercising. I have gained about 20 lbs since my wedding Nov-01 and do not like it one bit! Problem is I love food. Breads, pastas, cookies-if it is a starch, I'll eat it. DH thinks I look great, but I do not feel good about myself at all. My goal is to start tomorrow and lose 10 lbs before my trip. I refuse to wear shorts, and I know I will get hot in Orlando.

    Please help me stay motivated and don't let me fall of the wagon! I have signed up to do the Self Challenge-but I log on more to TPF then anything else.
  2. I want to lose weight as well even though my BF says he sees no difference. You can definately lose atleast 10 by your trip! Just stay focused and disciplined!
  3. I am so up for losing weight as well! I joined the indian dance group at my school with my friends for fun, and well I've just found out we have competitions coming up. Anyhoo Ive gained alot of weight and costumes are not looking good!

    Im trying to eat healthy and the dance rehearsals are definitely helping in the exercise department :biggrin:

    You can do it!