Going to Dallas

  1. I'm going to Dallas for work in a couple of weeks. I won't have much spare time after work so I'm mainly looking for dinner recommendations and maybe some shopping nearby. I will be staying at the Fairmont. In my previous visits, I went to Mia's Tex Mex, Stephen Pyles, Tecoles, and Ozona Bar & Grill. I was thinking about going to La Duni. Anyone here been to La Duni? Is that near the West Village Retail District? Is this shopping area worth checking out? I would prefer shopping that does not include national retail chains, and I don't really want to take a cab very far.
  2. I live in the Dallas area but I am not that familiar with shopping or dining in the heart of Dallas where it seems like you are going to be. But, for shopping, i reccomend the Galleria mall. I know you said no national chains and whatnot, but this mall is definatly more into specialty stores like Louis Vuitton, etc. And for dining I know of a great sushi restaurant Miso. Im not sure how far away any of these are from where you will be staying, but they are in Dallas. Sorry I couldnt be of more help! but have fun!
  3. Swanky is a good source of info on Dallas. Send her a PM
  4. Only thing I fondly remember about Dallas is the Brazil Cafe in Deep Elum. That's about it. Guess I'm no help either. :nogood:
  5. Try Fogo de Chao! It's excellent. Oh I can't believe you went to Mia's...that's one of my favorite Mexican resturants!
  6. Fogo is good, but we have one in Chicago. Have you been to Manny's Uptown Tex Mex? I heard that it is identical to Mia's - what do you think? I love Mia's brisket tacos!
  7. ^I've heard of Manny's...never been there...I'm sure it's on the same level as Mia's.
  8. Personally I am not a fan of Manny's. You definitely need to go to Northpark mall, its fabulous since it's been extended in size! My all time fave steakhouse is Perry's off Routh St. Check out Guidelive.com for ratings, etc!

    By the way, West Village is okay --- cute - there are a couple boutiques and then the Gap, Lucky, etc and some places to eat.
  9. For non national chain shoping, go to Stanley Korshak, it's less than a mile from the Fairmont. And I know this one is a chain store, but the historical Neiman Marcus is downtown. How can you not go :yes:
  10. The award winning restaurants, The French Room at The Adolphus Hotel on Commerce St. and The Mansion on Turtle Creek are for the elegant & ultimate dining experience.

    As mentioned above, the Hotel Crescent court where Stanley Korshak is located. Sam's Cafe on Crescent Ct has good Southwestern food. There are a lot of great places to eat in the Fairmont/Maple/Routh/Quandrangle neighborhood.

    The Knox & Henderson area, also Mockingbird has some nice boutiques and restaurants.

    Highland Park Village (an upscale shopping center) located at Mockingbird and Preston. Its arhcitecture is Spanish Mediterranean. Has Chanel, Hermes, Escada, Harry Winston, etc...it's beautifully landscaped too.

    Northpark is a wonderful mall worth visiting and has Neimans and Barneys. Downtown Dallas has of course the flapship Neiman Marcus store at Main & Ervay and a must see.