Going to Croatia -Tips?

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  1. I am going to Croatia for two weeks in september, I was wondering if anyone is from there of has been there and has any travel, dining, shopping etc, tips.

    thank you so much!
  2. OMG! I am croatian! um. ive never been there, but most of my family lives there and was born there. and they tell me about it :smile:
    i suggest you stay by the coast, because inland is very boring. visit some of the islands, they are really beautiful.
    there are SOOO many different dialects (sp?) of croatian, just learn the ones of the places you willbe going to...
    my family is from the island of brac, and their dialect is super different from the surrounding (it changes all of the time though)
    um. hmm. i wish i could say more. but thats all i know. have fun there!
  3. Which part are you visiting, if you don't mind my asking? I was there in summer 2001...actually went on a tour through Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy so we were in the northern part. Big highlight? Varazdin: http://www.photocroatia.com/croatia-photo-selection/croatia-varazdin.php

    I would LOVE to go back and visit the dalmatian coast...breathtaking.
  4. We have a wedding in Split, then we'll probably visit Brela, Hvar, Dubrovnik...I dunno what else...:confused1:
  5. Thank you! that is very interesting to find out actually (about the dialects) I hadn't read anything about different dialects.
  6. OMG have an amazing time!!! :wlae:I loved visiting Croatia so much...it was a music tour so not a lot of shopping focus but I did snag some very cool patent leather flip flops in varazdin which I still have today and got for about $5!
  7. Parents came home from Jelsa two weeks ago and told me I have to try to eat Cevapcici so maybe you can try and tell me hehe. They say it's really yummy.

    My Croatian friends love the cheap shopping.
  8. Most people speak English but German is spoken a lot as well. Dubrovnik is absolutely gorgeous. I am not sure how old you are but the night life is great but people don't start going to the clubs until at least midnight.
  9. I've visited Croatia and I loved it! I would definitely go back. I was in Dubrovnik and Split. Dubrovnik rocked! The "city" is absolutely magical at night. I would recommend walking the "old" city walls. There's just so much!!! You're in for a real TREAT!
  10. aaah! i totally forgot about dubrovnik! thats the name of my uncles boat and his wife is from there! she loved it there, and there are many croatians in california because its so similar to their homeland.
  11. Split is where i was on hols two years ago ! i absolutely loved it! the best IMHO is to travel all the way down the coast and finish in Dubrovnik ( i remember Dubrovnik was twice as expensive as any other town so we just hang around there two days - one day we visited the old town which is breathtaking and the other day we went on a full day cruise with a copy of a 17th century ship ... amazing! )
    another one day trips to recommend are Krka National Park and Kornati islands...i am so jealous now ! that country is absolutely beautiful!
  12. yes try the Cevapcici they are good try also something called pita, thats pretty good too. There are cheese, meat, potato, and a couple other flavors of pita. I am bosnian and only a few hours from Croatia.(well right now i am in STL) . In regards to the language its pretty much the same. The people might say some things differently, but it is understandable. I speak "Serbo-Croatian" and thats the language spoken through out Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia so it is pretty understandable with a few glitches here and there. As others have stated try to visit Dubrovnik. Have fun on your trip.
  13. ITA stay by the coast. It was much more of a tourist mecca than i thought. Lots of great night life and reasturaunts. When we were in rome we took a bus from rome to pescrara and a ferry to split. It was amazing. have fun! Maybe check out italy or hungary while you're there?
  14. I do want to jump over to Italy (hello! shopping!!) but I thinnk my boyfriend is afraid of taking me there...:cursing: He says we will have our hands full just with Croatia, which I agree with..still, I wouldn't mind some shopping in Italy.

    For the people that visited...what something good to look for in Croatia as far as shopping goes?

    thanks so much for everyones input!

  15. I will definitely report back on this :p