Going to college!

  1. Hey! I wanted to buy myself a nice bag before heading off to college... a bag that is practical, classy, timeless, yet also fashionable.

    In high school I have worn mostly LV and other monograms...I think I would like to buy a plain leather bag for college. Any suggestions for a somewhat newbie? The college I'm going to is a very preppy school in MA to give you an idea.

    There are a lot of more "important" things I need to buy before going to college so I can't buy anything too expensive. The range I am looking at is between 400-600.

    One more question: HOw do you girls view Marc by Marc Jacobs as opposed to Marc Jacobs? Marc Jacobs is out of my range but I think I may be able to afford Marc by Marc Jacobs.

    Thanks for everyhting! This post makes me sound overly concerned about bags but according to the website we are allowed to obsess shallowly hehe! And of course, I am excited about the learning aspect of college! :P
  2. Are you looking for a purse for everyday use or a tote bag to carry your books in?

    If it's a tote.. I go to a pretty preppy private college and all the girls use Longchamp and Herve Chapelier totes with the occasional Kate Spade and Coach ones as well.

    And if it's for everyday use, most girls usually carry Prada, Fendi, Gucci, and Coach. A lot of the girls have stopped carrying LV monograms because it's soo easy to get fakes of them now.
  3. I have a longchamp and a herve for my books, I'm looking for a bag I can wear when I go out. Thanks for the LV advice =)
  4. I agree with Marc by Marc Jacobs, Hayden Harnett, new Kooba styles for everyday.
  5. Hi, my vote goes to a Gerard Darel. :biggrin:
  6. I saw a pretty Donald J. Pliner bag on Bloomingdale's website. This bag also comes in black.
  7. Here's another bag from Bloomingdale's website. It's from Just Cavalli. It comes in black or tan.
  8. LV is ALWAYS a classic, but you do run into the problem of looking like everyone else because there are so many knock-offs (as are Pradas and Fendis- went to college in Boston area). I like the Hayden Harnett idea as it's a beautifully made bag that is still pretty unique. Other recs include botkier and kooba
  9. I rec the Hayden Harnett Mercer clutch. I'm in college and my mercer clutch is the perfect going out bag. Its not a big bag but I have room for my phone, wallet, mirror, keys, and digicam w/ some room to spare. And the best part... It has a little luggage tag thats the perfect place for your fake! For the price you could get this and something else w/ your budget. If you want to see pics of mine and others go to the "pics of Hayden Harnett Belted Handle Clutch" thread. Wow. I sound like an advertisement. Anyways, hope this helps!
  10. speedy 30?
  11. I go to college too, most of the girls dress in the j.crew or polo styles (very preppy), and they carry around longchamp or herve chapelier bags. Those bags are very convenient, it's not very unique or stylish in my opinion. I saw a girl today carrying a balenciaga hobo, and I was so envious! I carry around a prada tote that I got from bluefly a few months ago, it's very useful(I only carry around a notebook or two anyway). I highly recommend it!

    this is the one I have.
  12. I have a LV messanger bag. It fits books, laptop etc. I also carry a variety of balenciaga, fendi to school if I need to carry a notebook only. Are you starting college in NYC? which one?
  13. Thank you for all your help! I purchased a Botkier Emily leather tote in brown! The leather is beautiful but I am considering returning it for Botkier Bianca. What do you guys think? What I REALLY want is a mint green Balenciaga :rolleyes: But that will have to wait until I save up more money:P

    Minnie: I go to a public hs in Manhattan and will be starting school at Harvard this fall. From what I saw at Open House most kids lug their books around in their longchamps and herves but there were a few beautiful bags in sight :roflmfao:

    Thank you again for all your input
  14. Gucci Jackie-O is also good for going out or to wear it on a daily basis