going to Coach today.... my SA

  1. is going to show me what she has for tomorrow's new floor set - i am super excited.....

    anything i should look for immediatley? :yahoo:
  2. The mini skinny in gunmetal and sparkle black. I want to know if there are any bags that match?
  3. PINK! Just curious about what collection has pink and what shade of pink! Thanks!
  4. See if there are any Hampton Satchels. Am mad at myself for not getting one.
  5. when i was in there last week they had them - what colors? i will check again and let you know -
  6. The leather one is 10527. I can't remember if the color is doe or sand. I don't know the number for the signature one, in khaki.
  7. OMG! Please ask about the purse (it's in my signature) about the studded gallery tote? I think that's the name!
  8. Ah! A person with the same taste as me :yes:
  9. Please ask about this I want one soooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:drool:

  10. i do know she mentioned them - what do you want to know?
  11. You're so nice!:flowers:
    Check out the key rings, which ones are there now?
    Totes, Ergo? Any others?
    Thanks pursegal!!
    Oh!! I forgot! Heritage collection?? Coated canvas totes? Sizes? Prices? Thank you!!!
  12. Did you Go? Did you Come back? Are you Still There? MUST KNOW WHAT YOU SAW!!!! LOL! :drool::popcorn:
  13. i am so sorry everyone, i just got home from work - i did not go - but i will be going tomorrow - i am sorry - i feel bad - i had no idea my manger would call me into a new project and keep me there so late - i officially suck ! but i can ask tomorrow if you would still like me too -
  14. oh, and i will print this out and take it with me - i am off work tomorrow - so i will be going for sure - my boss wont be able to stop me..... :teehee: :tup:
  15. Awww...don't worry about it hun!!! Hope you have fun tomorrow and come back w/ some eye/arm candy! If you see the rumored pink ergo in leather or sig. PLEEEEEASE let us know! :girlsigh: