Going to COACH on Monday!!!!!!!

  1. Hello everyone! I get to go to the Hershey Coach outlet on Monday, and I know it's a few days away, but I'm sooo excited. Who ever told me my first Coach bag would not be my last couldn't have been more right! So anyway, I love my spring/summer Coach tote, but it's time to get a fall/winter bag. I'm going to be looking for some type of hobo.

    What do you guys thing of these choices?

    Also, I'm sort of bad at this kind of thing, so I wanted to ask: If I find the hobo in the teal color pictured below, do you think it would be okay to use throughout fall/winter? Because that's the whole reason *ahem* I am getting a new bag, be cause I neeed a fall/ winter bag....LOL.:nuts:

    Thanks for any imput!:heart:
    10620_BKHAG_t.jpg 10980_SKHTO_t.jpg 10991_SVDE_t.jpg
  2. Are you going to an outlet or to a boutique? If you're going to an outlet, the bags you posted won't be there. Those are still ONLY found at the Coach boutiques. That said....I think the blue bag would look fine in the winter if you choose it. My fave out of the three you posted is the Chelsea. Its so cute in person, very roomy for a small bag and will match with everything. :heart:love that bag!
  3. I love that Carly! The outlets are definitely hit or miss. Good luck! The Carly, with the exception of the cotton ones, are only sold in a boutique or dept. store.
  4. The outlets may have the chelsea line. They are getting a new floor set on Friday, and they are rumored to be in that set. Good luck and happy shopping!
  5. The bags you have posted are only at the boutiques.. but I would vote carly first, because I have one and I absolutely adore her.. and second the middle chelsea, because that style is really tempting me! have fun, good luck! :tup:
  6. The Chelsea in the middle....forgot to say that! :p
  7. I vote for the Chelsea on the end, but in khaki/tobacco! I LOVE that bag!!!!!!
  8. OH, the one I'm talking about is NOT optic....it's the chelsea hobo like pic #2 but a little bigger in khaki/tobacco!
  9. Oooo!!!!! Are you serious???? They're getting a new floor set right before I get there???? I'm even MORE excited now!!!!:yahoo:

    Thanks for your help everyone! I'm still new to this, and yes, I'm going to an outlet, so I guess I will have to see what is going to be there!
  10. Chelsea should NOT be in outlets unless they were returned products from customers.
  11. :yahoo:Going to the Coach outlet in Hershey TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait! I am looking for a signature duffle of some sort....I love the look. I'll post whatever I get as soon as I get back!!!!
  12. Happy hunting! Have fun!
  13. I hope you get lucky and find what you want! I saw a legacy satchel yesterday at my Coach outlet!
  14. ^^^Nice! I can't wait to see what I can find!
  15. OH wow i love all those bags.