Going to COACH and I need HELP... ASAP PLEASE!!!

  1. I am going to COACH either in the morning or first thing Friday morning and I know exactly the wallet and wristlet that I am getting... the Tattersall print french wallet and the Tattersall wristlet to match "BUT" I am not sure which bag :girlsigh:

    I know the bag will need to be British Tan so it will match the leather on the acc's, I am a matchy matchy person,
    PLEASE tell me what you think about this bag.

    I am a little worried about all the marks that happen on the British tan all leather bags, PLEASE comment on this if you own one and have this problem

    If any one has this bag PLEASE post photo/photos so I can get a better idea.
    I am 5"2 and am worried about the strap being too long as I like bags to hit me higher up :confused1: I am so confused but I know the tattersall print acc's is a must.
    Thanks :flowers:
    If you dont have photos comments will be just fine.
  3. I don't have this bag but I work for Coach and have been looking at it and it's beautiful. It will match the tattersall accessories perfectly. I like it better than the duffle (that's just me). The only other bag you might like is the Bleecker shopper. You'd do good with either.
  4. I haven't tried that bag on, but I have the Felicia in tan and it is gorgeous.

    The flap does have a long strap, I think the purse hit me at my hip and higher like a hobo would.

    Have you considered the large hobo with the same tattersall print lining?
  5. Another thing to consider is getting a legacy bag, as the whiskey is fairly close to the british tan. Any bag in that line might make you happy as well.
  6. Yea, but tattersall liniting is SOOOOO much better than the legacy IMO.

    Great idea about the shopper, I have it in Black and it is gorgeous as well.

  7. I agree ...I am in LOVE with the tattersall over the legacy stripe, both are pretty though
  8. Since you're going to the boutique, you'll be able to try the bag on yourself so that'd be what I suggest. Then you'll know for sure if you'll like it or not. The hobos are cute too if they're big enough for you. Post pics when you get your goodies! I love the tattersall wallet!

  9. I will keep you all updated. I do know that I adore the Tattersall wallet and wristlet, I just need to find a bag that I love as much...lol!!! I did this with the legacy stripe collection... have the shoes, wallet and wristlet but did not find a bag that I was head over heels about so I am going to return them in exchange for the tattersall collection... that is if I find the right bag for me. Wish me luck, GEEEZZZZ!!!
  10. I have the bag in the signature with the black flap and as far as comfort and the body style it is extremely comfortable. I like the square fit of the inside of the bag, all my stuff is organized so well inside. Last week I almost bought the all leather you are looking at with my PCE I like the body style so much but I opted for the Hamptons leather sig satchel after all. I think you would be happy with the bag, its a classic for sure.