Going to Cancun...should I or shouldn't I???

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  1. Hello everyone,
    We're going to Cancun next week and I was wondering if I should take an LV with me, or leave them at home?? I'm thinking rain, (I hope not), theft, safety, etc. What do you all think? :tup: or :tdown:
  2. I personally bring LV with me everywhere I go, I wouldn't spend that much on a bag to not be able to use it when I feel like it. However if you feel like it'll be unsafe or make you a target then I'd advise you not to.
  3. mexico and central america dont get lv sightings from me. unless its epi, or a really nice resort.
  4. just came back from Cancun..there was actually a TON of LV. Not many LE bags, but lots of LV.

    I took a few of my bags with me. I put them in my LV Keepall, and that is my carry on bag.
  5. Buy the LV Cancun, and carry that! Little messenger bag, nice and casual for holiday essentials, theft-proof! :tup::winkiss:
  6. I personally do not like to take my LV when I am on vacation. I prefer messeger type of bag so my hands are free.
  7. I do and I would.
  8. I take them on vacation....so far (knock on wood) no problems!!!!!
  9. I'm not sure which bag(s) you're thinking of taking, but I would be okay with one that was all-weather proof and secure.
  10. its just the one place i know it will make me a target.
  11. I live in Mexico, and I see LV everywhere I turn. . some fakes, most of them are real though. The ones who dont have LV are mainly the ones who dont know the brand. So they wont care about your bag.
  12. i would bring it to Cancun, that's a very touristy resort town with huge hotels & upscale restaurants. most likely, i'd be going to cancun for the beach, clubbing, or restaurant hopping, so i would need to wear something nice and based on the outfit, i would decide which bag to bring and that could be my black Fendi B, my Marc Jacobs patchwork stam, or my LV epi montaigne, it all depends on my outfits :P

    however, if my trip was for . . . say a town in mexico to tour cacao tree farms, i would bring my nylon prada messenger bag or some waterproof bag.
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    Hi! I actually live in Mexico and never leave the house without my LVs. I also constantly go to Cancun. There are tons of LVs in Mexico City and in Cancun too... very safe. BTW, make sure to stop at LV Cancun because it is beautiful!!! and next to a chocolate factory - could we ask for more? lol Oh and I believe international passengers get their tax back. =) have fun!

    PS. I found a picture of Cancun's Luxury avenue. Please contact me if you need any recommendations of where to go/eat/shop in Cancun! or hotel choice! I can also send you pictures of my trips if you would like to see the hotels from the inside. I am very familiar with that beautiful place. Just send me a private message with your email address if you are interested. As you can tell, I am in LVOE with Cancun, and LV of course. :yahoo:

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  14. ^^ lol just realized you posted this in 08. oh well.. in that case ANYONE going to Cancun or interested in Cancun can message me lol.
  15. If my husband and I ever go, I'll hit you up cherrylollipops! :smile: