Going to Calgary Holt tomorrow!

  1. Does anybody have any suggestions for me? Any SAs to steer clear of, where the place is, etc.? Even places to eat afterwards?

    I'm...excited! :wlae: Ha ha..

    I hope to come back with some goodies to show!
  2. Look forward to see your goodies..
  3. Calgary Holt!

    Emiko (the Japanese SA) is SO nice! She helped me all the times that I've been there and the other Asian lady (I believe she is Korean) is very nice too. Oh, and the Asian guy...he was super helpful on the phone.
  4. I'm hoping I get one of those SAs then! :smile:

  5. Emiko is the sweetest! It sucks that whenever I go they don't stock what I'm after and I have to go to Banff.
  6. You mean you drive to Banff? I live in Edmonton & when I can't find something that I am after. I called Banff & have them ship the item to Holt Renfrew in Edm. It's free of charge!!! It gets to Edmonton from Banff in 2 days! :yes:

  7. haha..yah i know...but i like the drive (also, i'm impatient, if i can get my hands on it in an hour as opposed to a few days i'm there! hehe)...its only about an hour away. :yes: plus i can look at everything else there!:drool: :love:
  8. Ohhh...Banff LV :drool: Can't wait until we go there in December!!
    The drive to Banff is wonderfully and beautifully short...I love going to Banff!
  9. Emiko is great! Everytime I go, I get Emiko as my SA. If shes not there I try to get Nick (asian guy).
  10. YES! That was the guy that I was talking to on the phone. He reminds me of my best guy friend in Toronto and is super helpful and super friendly.
  11. Ah! I had Nick help me yesterday!! He was very helpful, thankfully. Sadly, I didn't stumble across a bag I really really liked, so I ended up with nothing this time. I think next time will be different :graucho: one month away...