Going to buy...Palermo PM or Tivoli GM??

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Palmermo PM or Tivoli GM???

  1. Palermo PM

  2. Tivoli GM

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  1. Wondering if those who have one or both of these could give me some opinions....can't decide :nuts:. Love both of them...TIA
  2. i dont have either but i am IN LOVE with the Palermo! :heart:
  3. Tivoli
  4. palermo!
  5. I like the Palermo, for me it is just a more versatile bag. I like that it can be easily worn over the shoulder or cross body. I have 4 kids so I need all the help I can get LOL!
  6. I don't have either (yet) but I tried both in the store with a totally open mind b/c I'd been eyeing both of them up online. The Tivoli was just more "me" for some reason. The Palermo, though lovely, looked more ordinary next to it and on me when I tried it on. But the Tivoli was so lovely. I'll try them both again when I go back for my purchase. But I say Tivoli! However, having said what I said above, your experience could be completely different, so you may want to go in the store and try both on to see what suits "you" the best!
  7. tivoli! i think theres just sumthing more to it then the palermo
  8. Tivoli GM
  9. Palermo PM
  10. tiv!
  11. Palermo ! I prefer the tivoli in PM size bt it's handheld only
  12. Tivoli GM! I love mine... I don't use her very often these days, but she's sooo pretty!
  13. I love the Palermo because it can be used as a cross body.
  14. I love the look of the Palermo PM and I love how you can wear it so many different ways...leaning towards that one. Makes sense for my lifestyle.

    I do love the look of the Tivoli though....I just wish they had an MM that you could put over your shoulder that would be perfect! When I went to the store I could not believe how small the PM looked IRL, and how bulky the PM felt when I tried it on. It is just such a beautiful bag...but maybe not right size/style for me.
  15. palermo!!!!!!!