Going to buy my GF the Evelyne..

  1. Decided to buy my gf the Evelyne bag. I would like to know some info on the bag.... Is it easy to find it in any hermes boutique. I know how hard it is to find a birkin but what about the Evelyne. And also does anyone know how much a Evelyne might retail for. Thanks ladies!!;)
  2. Does anyone know how much they cost??
  3. Have a look in the shopping section - there's a current price thread there PA.:yes:
  4. Depending on size and leather ca. 2K USD.
    You may also want to consider the Picotin. In the same price range and a very cute and unusual bag.
    Good choice!
  5. I'm waiting, PA!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ^ Grands Fonds, LOL! PA, that is a very nice gift for your friend. The Evelyne is a great bag...(esp. in etoupe). ;)
  7. if only i had someone to splurge on me....
    ( and if you dont know what i want... look at my wishlist below.)
    im accepting donations!!
  8. You never know :graucho:
  9. When I first red it I thought :wtf:: GrandFather :roflmfao: + Picotin (hello2703) ??
  10. Great choice!
  11. Evelyne is not as difficult to find as Birkin. Unless you are looking for a particular color or leather or HW. Evelyne comes in a few sizes, TPM (shoulder bag and sling bag), PM, PM2, GM, GM2 and TGM (for men).

    Not sure about pricing in the US though.
  12. :yes: (Whenever there is a plug for the Picotin, I am there!)
  13. good luck with your gift to your gf! your so sweet
  14. You should not have a problem with an Eve. Try calling your local Hermes store and make an appointment with a sales associate. Let them know your looking for an Evelyne and how tall your girlfriend is so they can have a selection for you when you come in. Evelyne are not as in demand as other Hermes bags. You will be okay. You can get a nice Evelyne for way under US$2k. With the left over cash you can buy her a scarf 70x70 is $280US. Good luck!