Going to buy first ever designer bag - Help!

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  1. Hello ladies

    I'm new to this forum (and in serious awe - having just seen someone's Roxanne collection!) and am hoping you can give me some advice. I'm very excited as I have been saving up for a 'proper' handbag and plan to hit the House of Fraser sale (may as well get some serious points on my storecard, plus I have some vouchers) later on. I can spend about £400, but am a bit torn. I really like the look of the Jacquetta in either oak or chocolate, but also quite fancy the somerset tote in Fuchsia...:drool: I was thinking about black at first but thought maybe that was too boring. Thing is, I have 2 small kids and a school run to do - do you guys use your bags or do they sit looking pretty in the wardrobe? Do I go for sensible or something bright? I don't regularly have this kind of money so much as I'd like to become addicted and start a collection, I'm not sure it's going to happen!

  2. If this is going to be your one and only mulberry (for a while - you will get addicted!!!) i'd suggest getting a sensible classic bag that will go with most outfits. Personally having just got an oak jacquetta I think it's a gorgeous bag! If you prefer the chocolate colour get that as it's going to be less of a worry regarding rain marks. Another practical neutral bag that seems hugely popular at the moment is the mabel bag perhaps in pebble.
    Take a browse through the catwalk thread. do you prefer a shoulder bag? whatever you do try the bag on before buying!!
  3. Hi Lakota, welcome :smile: Jo has given you very sensible advice.

    Also being a parent, the bags I use the most out of my collection is Antony (messenger), pebble Mabel, and a4 roxy tote (used as a baby bag), my Bays I use as my fancy evening bags.

    If it is your first, I would really encourage you to go neutral to ensure you get to use it more often, it is always very tempting to go for a bright colour but since it is your first designer bag, go for maximum usage by choosing a wardrobe staple colour, price per wear factor.

    How exciting, really looking forward to seeing what you choose :smile:
  4. Hi Lakota, I don't have much to add to the fab advice given to you by flyvetjo and maplecottage, but I'd just like to welcome you to the forum. Also, whether you have one Mulberry, no Mulberry at all or lots more, it really doesn't matter, you're always welcome here. I do have to warn you though, just getting one could be a slippery slope! I think Mulberry bags should come with an appropriate WARNING! tag.
  5. Choc is the most practical and beautiful Mulberry colour...though I haven't got anything choc at the moment! Welcome to the merry band of mulberryholics, and once bitten there are always sources of beautiful authentic bags at much better prices than the shops...
    I really don't have a designer bag income but now have 6 Mulberrys.... oh dear....

    I second maple's suggestion of Antony being a great practical messenger bag, it's my staple weekend bag and I use roxy for work.

    Welcome again! You'll love it here :heart:
  6. Welcome Lakota.
    Great advice from Jo & Maple & an oak or choc Jacquetta sounds a very sensible buy for a first Mulberry.
    I'm a girl who loves colour but even I would hesitate about a fuchsia bag for a first one as it is quite a restricting colour.
    Have fun choosing your first Mulberry and don't forget to let us know what you get!
  7. Welcome to the Mulberry Madhouse Lakota!

    I agree with everything said above, you would be better going for a neutral colour first so that you can maximum usage out of it.

    Chocolate is a great colour because, as Jo said, you don't have to worry so much about Rain marks. Oak is a fantastic colour, but you will have to spray it with protector (Mulberry recommend Collonil, which you should be able to get at the Mulberry counter in HOF), it can mark if caught in the rain although many of us believe that the colour gets better with age and usage.

    Make sure you try the bag before you buy - its always a good idea if you take the stuffing out of the bag, put your stuff in it and carry it around - the Natural Leather (which the Jacquetta is) can be heavy.

    Apart from that, no more advice really, just enjoy the buying process, make sure you try them out and think about how practical it will be to use - don't get seduced into buying something gorgeous but completely impractical for your lifestyle! (we have all done that!).
  8. Welcome Lakota! :welcome:

    I second what the others have said so well: go for something neutral so you can get maximum usage out of it; and chocolate is a fab colour as not only is it gorgeous but also doesn't show rain marks. Definitely try before you buy if you can. I've made a couple mistakes because I couldn't try certain bags on. A very expensive mistake!

    I'm a mum too (though no school run for me yet) and a lot of my bags do sit in the wardrobe. The most practical one I own is my Roxanne A4 tote, perfect for throwing all DD's stuff in and not too heavy to carry.
  9. Hi Lakota and welcome from me too!

    You've had some great advice, and I would also agree that something in choc or oak would be a great first choice. Please come back and tell us how you get on, and then of course we'll need to see pics of said purchase!!! Good luck :tup:
  10. The above advice is excellent and thoroughly recommend trying them out in the store - beware as others have said it is a slippery slope , once you have a mulberry in your house it calls to others and they take over your life !
    Don't be scared of going for a colour - my first was the fuschia A4 tote , my second is the ocean blue mabel ....I do want something in Oak but am craving colour at the mo.
    Happy shopping !
    BTW if you have £400 to spend you could get something sensible like a messenger in oak and then something colourful like a small mable - still would have change for a keyring etc !
  11. Thank you all for the welcome and wise words regarding neutrals! I think I knew this already but just needed to be told firmly! I have looked through all the lovely pics and am now more conflicted than ever (also need a bit more cash), a Roxanne in chocolate would be lurrvely too. Do these ever go in their sale? Should I hold out and save up until June? And what's the deal with outlets, are they significantly cheaper? I don't mind minor flaws as long as it's a real bag. I'll buy second hand designer clothing from Ebay but am dubious about bags - although I noticed some sellers referencing this forum so maybe not all bad! I guess it's safer to buy bag described as used than trust a 'BNWT'? I always assume they're all fake although I guess there may be the odd genuine one. Find it very weird that people don't keep their receipts. If I buy one today that receipt is going in straight in with my passport and the kids' birth certificates!

    I think chocolate probably the most practical for the moment as I live in London and visit Wales on a regular basis (rain, rain, rain). But I do love the oak, plus there is a very cute daschund keyring in oak in the sale too...

    Do you all match boots to bag? Oh god, I'm getting obsessed and haven't even bought anything yet.
  12. Lakota - It is not too late to walk away, and frankly that would probably be the most sensible thing to do.

    However, if you really do want to buy the oak is fantastic and versatile!
  13. What about an Elgin in Choco? Off to look at ebay and will report back!! lol