Going to buy a Mini Pochette for use inside my purse

  1. would you buy a Mono or damier or even azur (don't have any azur pieces)
  2. I prefer the Mono.

    I have the T&B one.
  3. I have the T & B mini and the Azur Mini. I use the T & B mini in my bags more simply because I don't want the azur one to get dirty, marked, scratched, etc.

    I'd go for a T & B is you can still find one. They're soo cute. I can fit a cles, a cc holder, and my ipod video in it.
  4. I'd go with Azur since you don't have any pieces of that yet.
  5. I would get a mono, better yet a T and B one.
  6. I have an azur mini pochette which I used to hold extra cards, coupons, etc. I love it! Since you don't have any azur pieces, you should get one in azur. It is so cute...
  7. I'd get it to match whatever I carry the most. For example if I have mostly mono bags I'd get a mono one so it coordinates. I think it's nice to have a mono and a damier pochette so you could always get the other one later on. I don't go for azur so much in small doses, I know most people feel the opposite, but I like the looks of it in the speedy but not so much the pochette.
  8. I feel like an idiot, what's T&B?
  9. It's "Trunks & Bags"

    I'd say azur becaue you don't have it yet!
  10. i'd go for mono it'd match everything or damier, but not azur... IMHO

    Good luck
  11. Mono T& B
  12. Yup! Go for Mono or damier. Had an azur pochette once but returned it after a week. It just didnt grow on me :tdown:
  13. Azure looks sooo good when paired with a damier bag, though... :drool:
  14. i have the mono and i love it!!!
  15. I'd get it to match whatever you use most...
    Love the Azur but would be worried that it would get dirty.