going to buy a mahina xl but which color?


which color?

  1. black

  2. grey

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  1. would love to hear your opinion on which color you would pick for the mahina xl. in black or grey? tough decision for me because both colors would work for me. TIA :heart:.
  2. i think the grey is gorgeous!!
  3. I voted black ... I'm considering that bag as well.
  4. I'd have to go with black, only because I don't have a nice black handbag!
  5. I voted for black.
  6. I'd get it in BLACK. :tup:

    To be honest with you .... I think both colors are absolutely gorgeous so you really can't go wrong with either.
  7. Black...classic, goes with everything, and is lower-maintenance.
  8. I'd choose the black one.....
  9. black please :p i make it sound as if its for me :shame:
  10. I voted for black...
  11. I think the Mahina looks really nice in grey!!
  12. i was going back and forth on the colors for a while too, and then i decided to get the black because i have quite a few light-colored bags already, and i don't regret it. the black is HOT!
  13. Black!
  14. i voted black just because i just saw someone's pix of the mahina in black (it's in one of these threads), and it looked TDF.
  15. I say Black over any LV color exept MC...