Going to Burberry outlet in the morning...

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  1. We arrived in Orlando a few hours ago and the drive was good. My puppies behaved! They are usually good- but you never know since the drive is so long!!

    Anyway, will be going to the outlet and the Burberry store tomorrow. Will report on goodies and perhaps buy something. Not sure as I am supposed to be on a ban. We shall see!!!
  2. oh my god, are you going to premium outlet tomorrow? if you are, please let me know what are they having on the pink candy check and the traditional purse? i went to orlando this monday but I didn't have the chance to stop by. Let me know okie! i really appreciate that.

    Maybe you should stop by Dior too, they have some great discount. Have fun shopping! :yahoo:
  3. Sounds like fun!

    Good luck breaking your ban! :graucho:
  4. Have fun- sometimes they have great deals!
  5. There's a new Burberry outlet that opened in MN. They just opened and I walked in today. They're not even set up yet-everything was on tables. All the purses were 149. without plaid, and 249 with plaid-no matter the size. There was a really nice large red leather tote, but I wanted to know the orginal price to find out the discount. Also, they don't participate in the additional sales and promotions the outlet park does-so there were no memorial day savings. Hope you have better luck than I did:yes:
  6. Hey! did you find anything good. I went there today and did not see much that I cared for, price wise. It felt that they were a little high, still. I am not that familiar with all their items so I may be wrong about their prices. Plz, tell us what you did and how your opinion on their prices.
  7. I completely forgot to post details!!! They did have lots of blue and pink check bags. They also had 50% off all bags except check. I bought a pochette and change holder, and a blue bag for approx 250!

    The blue bag only cost 60, the pochette was 129, and the change holder was 49. I will post pics later!
  8. Congrats, looks like you got some great deals! Can't wait to see pics!! :smile: