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  1. I'm accompanying my SO on a business trip to Brazil in a week. We will be in Sao Paulo for a week while he is working and then fly to Rio and go a bit north to Buzios where we will vacation for a week. For those who have been to Sao Paulo - can you speak to me about the crime? I generally don't worry about this because in all my travels around the world its never been a problem, but I've heard a few different people say how bad the street theft was in Brazil. Now I feel a bit nervous about what to pack in terms of purses, whether to bring a camera out and about with me, etc. Can anyone give advice? Also, any other tips are welcome. I've never been to Brazil as an adult, so I'm excited to be going.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Sao Paulo is known as kidnap capital of the world. Stay safe!
  3. My father works w/many ppl from Brazil & they've all mentioned how very bad the crime is in the large cities (especially towards tourists).
    You may want to steer away from wearing flashy jewelry & also maybe take disposable cameras instead of anything fancy/expensive/highly desirable to steal. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Oh, & have a good time;)!
  4. I'm brasilian, I'm at work now so I don't have time to write an elaborate answer, but feel free to pm me.

    In general, yes, street crime is high, but not usually super violent crime. It's common to get mugged, but if you give them what you want, don't resist, fight, etc, you'll be fine 99% of the time. You just have to be street smart. Do not bring your designer bags you care about, and don't wear nice jewlery you care about either. Don't carry every single one of your credit cards in your wallet, and be sure to have some cash on you as if you were to get mugged, having cash will appease the robber.

    Sao Paulo isn't a walking around a lot on the streets type city though, so if you travel by car a lot, you'll be fine.

    Kidnapping is really not a big concern for tourists. Kidnappers in Brasil are interested in the families of rich people and politicians who are in the mainstream, not some random people.

    Same rules apply for Rio although you'll probably spend much more time walking around. Do not take stuff to the beach. Brasilians go to the beach with a towel to sit on, flip flops, and a couple extra bucks to buy food. If you leave anything more on the sand and go into the water, it will get taken. Most nice hotels have security for the area of the beach in front of them though.

    Buzios is BEAUTIFUL, and much safer. Prepare to be stunned.

    And don't be scared, I've had tons of friends visit and no one has ever had a problem if they use common sense and don't put themselves in unnecessary risk.
  5. Oi, Mundodabolsa, tudo bem?

    Sorry to bump this thread, I'm originally from Brazil, but am currently living in Australia. Mundodabolsa, you mention Buzios, and I'm excited, as I've never been, but am hoping to go there for Xmas this year (will be in Bahia/Arraial D'Ajuda the week before that). Would :heart: to hear more about Buzios! :tup:

    I know this is an old thread, but to everyone else who wants to visit Brazil, I lived there most of my life, and never had anything happen to me. Once, in Copacabana whilst in the water with my dad & sisters, my mom was on the sand, and was 'asked for the time' (she wasn't wearing a watch) and someone made off with her bag (with 3 little girls' dresses, but that was it), that's ALL that's happened to my family (dad grew up in Rio and everything). So please don't let Brazil's reputation get in the way of you visiting this amazing city ;) Like in every big city (Rome, London, NYC, etc,) you just have to be street smart and careful!
  6. hey! i'm brasilian too! I live in Rio and i'm a proud Carioca lol!

    hey brigadeiro, i noticed you said u live in austrailia. There's another brasilian on tpf that lives in austrailia too! her names brasilian_babe and hope she doesn't mind me posting that but thought you might want to know.
  7. Thanks Francesca! I actually 'know' (internet-wise) Brasilian-Babe from another Forum too, thanks! :smile:

    My sister is also Carioca (born in Rio), and very proud of it :tup: I cannot wait to go back end of this year!!! :yahoo:
  8. I've been to both Rio and Sao Paulo and loved it. It is so beautiful there. I can't wait to visit again.

    I hope you have a great time.
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    I was offered a Homestay in Brazil in my sophmore year and my mom REFUSED to let me go due to all the stories she heard from fellow business travelers and her own personal RIO nightmare where her plane nearly crashed. I would love to go but I am such a worry wart I porbably wouldn't enjoy myslef as much as say Argentina.

    My tips (from reading travel guides)
    ~make sure your cab driver is an actual cab driver or if you can hire a driver to take you around the city
    ~be aware of your surrounding and make sure you are prepared for the possibility to have your bags stolen (have a backup CC and cash not on your person)
    ~select an airline with a good track record
  10. My SO went to Brazil and stayed in Buzios for awhile and he loved it! He said it was definitely a return trip!
  11. The accommodation we wanted for Buzios is booked! :cry: I'm looking for a nice house to accommodate 7 of us, any suggestions from the Brazilian TPF'ers? :heart: (sera que deviamos comecar um 'fio' so pra nos?)
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    that's a shame. Buzios gets pretty popular depending on the time of year. When are you going? Just wondering bc I have a house there that may be available but it depends on when you go. let me know bc i'd love to help!

    I don't usually rent it out but my friends, family usually "borrow" it so i'd need to know in advance. Also have a condo but i think that may be too small right? how many bedrooms are you looking for, at least 4?
  13. Oh, wow, thanks Francesca, that's so sweet of you to even consider it! I'm going around the 21st or 23rd of December (not 100% sure) for around 5 days I think...

    Yeah, probably 4 bedrooms (3 couples +1 - who can sleep on a sofa bed if there is one).

    Will you be in Brazil around December? Or do you live in Germany?

    I can't wait to go back, will stuff myself with pao de queijo, feijoada, guarana, pasteis, brigadeiros, everything! :biggrin:
  14. I live in brazil most of the time but i may be in germany visiting my bf unless he comes here for christmas. omg...you know what?! even though i live in rio, i hadn't eaten a brigadeiro in ages. So, when i saw ur username i was like omg....gotta go get brigadeiros lol! i love beijinhos de coco, guarana, pao de queijo, etc. soooo much.

    Anyways, I did have a few friends wanting to stay in the house for new years (not too sure about the dates) but i'm not certain on how many people there will be. I will check to see if the dates clash with when u r going and if so then maybe they can switch to the condo instead! I don't think the condo would work for you though bc it's just 2 bedrooms/1 study. but the house is 6 bedrooms, fully furnished, etc. so it could accomodate you and ur guests.
  15. Oh, francescaaveiro (is your name francesca? :smile:), you're SO sweet and thoughtful! Muito obrigada! (and please don't go through any trouble ;)).

    I sometimes can't decide if I like beijinhos de coco or brigadeiros more...love 'em both! I haven't made them in ages, but I once through a party here, made a huge feijoada, beijinhos de coco, brigadeiros, maria mole...:drool: I still have 8 cans of Guarana with me, and drink them sparingly...just to satisfy my cravings.

    My parents still live in Brazil, so 'my guests', are them, myself & my hubby, my sister and her hubby (we're both newlyweds and got married one week apart last year), and my youngest sister. We're hoping to go to Rio for New Years...I'll be in Arraial D'Ajuda the week before Buzios, I'm literally counting the days until then :tup: