Going to Boca Mall to Heatstamp tonight..

  1. can't wait! will any one else be shopping there tonight?
  2. Not going to Boca Mall, but what piece are you getting heatstamped?
  3. I almost went to Boca tonight but I'm holding off until Friday. What are you getting heat stamped?
  4. Oooh, hope you had fun!! Drool at the indigo stuff for me :biggrin: I may go down there this weekend if I have enough money.
  5. Great! What are you getting heatstamped?

    I've got this fear of heatstamping now because my luggage tag was ruined when I sent it for heatstamping!
  6. how terrible! what happened?
  7. ^bvbirdygirl, when I went to collect my tag, the initals were really crooked and barely there. The stamp was soooo light, you can hardly read it. Even the SAs said that they can hardly see the initials... It was a sloppy job, and they took a few days to do it. Didn't help that the SA wasn't keen on serving me and was glaring at me from head to toe... In the end I got a refund but I made them transfer the cash to another store cos I didn't want to go back to that store.