going to be impatient...i want my new ring NOW!!

  1. so i walked into my local jewelry store a couple months ago that is the main dealer around here for most jewelry designers. i stumbled upon a john hardy ring i could not take my eyes off of. i always come home and see if i can find it online before having to splurge what i think is sometimes a ridiculous amount of money just for a name, but will do it if need be. my dad buys a lot of his occasion jewelry for my mom through this one woman on eBay, so we know her stuff is authentic. she did not have it but directed me to someone who specialized in john hardy who told me that because the ring was still in stores, she could not get it at discounted price. booooooo.

    so i went back to the jewelry store and put the ring on layaway to ensure it would be mine, but would take a while to pay on. i just made a payment last week on it with still a hefty sum to go, but figured i was slowly, but surly getting there.

    last night i was screwing around on eBay and low and behold, i see the ring i had on layaway on the eBay page of the woman whom i e-mailed. i e-mailed her asking if it was the item i inquired about 2 months ago and she said yes. so today i walked back into the jewelry store, got the refund for the layaway, came home and ended the auction for my new ring at almost HALF the price!!!!! SO excited, but it could take up to 2 weeks to get here and i want it nowwwwwww. and i have nothing to keep me occupied till then!!! lol :rolleyes:

  2. wow! that is gorgeous! i love john hardy- so funky and unique. my mom has a few of his pieces
  3. i want it nowwwwwwww. lol. i put it away a couple months ago and it kinda has been an afterthought with all the new fall collection pieces coming out for LV and i figured it would have to wait, but now that it's paid for it i am impatient!!! lol. the diamonds are so sparkley :biggrin:
  4. that's pretty. congrats!
  5. That's really pretty. What is the large stone? Congrats on saving money!
  6. they call it a mystic garnet. it's deep red. they make the ring in a bunch of other colors too but this is the one that caught my eye :smile:
  7. gorgeous ring! congrats! i really love the red in the garnet.
  8. That is a beautiful ring! I know that it sucks waiting, that is tough, but 2 weeks is probably less than that payoff of your layaway would have been! I hope that the next 2 weeks fly by for you...and don't forget to come back with pictures!
  9. ^^^ haha yep, it definitely is shorter. i was thinking christmas. but you know how it is, once it's completely paid for you want it NOW. lol. :rolleyes:
  10. That is absolutely gorgeous! Totally my style...hmmm, maybe I need to look into one of those!!
  11. jewelry_gal on ebay sells them. there's a green one with gold bezel inset around the diamonds (mine's just silver) a white topaz one, a light blue topaz one, an slightly darker ice blue one, a purple one, a dark pink one, and then the red one. i'm not exactly what she has but those are all the colors john hardy makes.
  12. Wow! What a gorgeous ring! I can see why you're so impatient! When it get's there, show us pics of the real deal!
  13. i'm very sad :sad: it has been two weeks since i purchased it and it should be here by now, but the seller told me it had to be special ordered from bali (:mad: -- umm, the auction states they're located off site, it doesn't say it's ordered at purchase!) so now US customs is holding it and who knows how long it will be before i get it. :crybaby: