Going to be a Paddy owner again lol

  1. A member posted a link to the olive paddington on bluefly and amazingly it was STILL THERE, so I ordered it using a 15% off that another member posted :lol: (I love you guys:love: ).

    I'll post pics when I get it, but here it is:


    Do you think it'll look old? Since it is a past season paddy. It looks like it'll be a good everyday bag. I'm just hoping it wont look ancient:lol:
  2. It won't look *old*...it will look like a collector's piece! The color is great! Very versatile...and you won't meet yourself coming and going.
  3. Yum, such a nice color. Never seen that before, hm.
  4. Great color! :love:
  5. You know I like that style vs. the satchel. Very nice!
  6. congrats! u can rejoin the club! LOL.
  7. I really like the style Noriko.

    I hope you enjoy it - I look forward to seeing your photos, which will be much nicer than bluefly's. :amuse:
  8. Congrats, Noriko! Great color.
  9. Beautiful, Noriko! Congrats! I do like the hobo style too.
  10. I'm loving that color, Noriko. Congrats! :biggrin:
  11. Wow, you scored! Congrats! I love the color too. It'll make a great everyday bag. :biggrin:
  12. Looks good! Nice colour and a great style for everyday use.
  13. Thank you guys! Glad to be rejoining the club :biggrin: Now if bluefly would only SHIP the darn thing already!!!!!
  14. Such a beautiful :love: :love: :love: colour, it looks a practical style too!:love: :biggrin:
    Nice one Noriko!;)
  15. Very lovely! It doesn't look ancient either! Great choice!