Going to Barcelona

  1. AT last! I've wanted this trip for a long time!:yahoo:
    Are there any places that I should definately go?Any good shops?:graucho:
  2. When are you going? I'm going soon too!
  3. Barcelona is a great city but it is big. If you want to make the most of your trip head to Placa Catalunya where the open topped red tour buses go from. You pay for a ticket and can hop on and off all day.
    Main stream shopping is centred around the Placa and there are some quirky indie shops in the old quarter (just off the Ramblas).
    Don't miss Parc Guell which was created by Gaudi and has fab views across the city.
    The Ramblas is great for people watching and strolling.
    The beachfront is also worth a visit and the Olympic park. Again the bus goes to all these.
    Don't forget to give a tapas bar a go. The people aren't overly friendly so you have to make your own entertainment - they're definitely not as welcoming as the French or Italians.
    The biggest dept store is Ingles and is right on Placa Catalunya.
    Have a great trip.
  4. Wow! you're informed! thank you!

    Megs, I'm going between 2-9 of April, during Easter days.
  5. I have a friend who moved to Barcelona from the Uk she loves it there
  6. In addition to Parc Guell, if you want to explore more architecture by Gaudi, be certain to visit Sagrada Familia, the church that is still not finished--you will recognize it--many photos of it. There is an interesting Picasso Museum that features his early works. The Gothic Quarter makes an interesting walk.

    The Catalan influence maybe is responsible for people being reserved, but we thoroughly enjoyed the city.
  7. Sagrada Familia is beautiful!!! And you can't miss it from anywhere in the city (at least from far away). It is a must see up close. Parc Guell (sp) is also wonderful.

    Enjoy Barcelona!!
  8. Congrats, its beautiful (both the people and the scenery) *wink

    you'll have loads of fun, soak up the sun and take lots of pix to show us!
  9. Gaudi's architecture is amazing and Barcelona is the place to see it!

    Lucky you!
  10. I get there the 10th!!!!!!!! We will just miss one another! :sad:
  11. Totally agree. It is a great place. Have a great time.
  12. ITA It sure is a beautiful city. I went there last October and totally loved it!!:heart:
  13. :shame:

    thanks everyone! I hope I have a nice time! I'll sure post pics!

  14. No problem. We had a girls' trip there for a 40th birthday and it was a great city. I've remembered the full name of the dept store - El Corte Ingles - it's worth a visit.
    We found a fab restaurant as well. From Placa Catalunya head down Las Ramblas. On the left there's a turning into a pretty square (you go through an arch to get to it). In the left hand corner is the restaurant - it was so good we went two nights running.
  15. Venetiakim & Megs - hope you both have a fantastic time in Barcelona.
    One more thing - just outside the city (reachable by the bus) is the village that was built as an exhibition of everything Spanish.
    It's a good place for a visit - it's a village that has been created using architecture from all over Spain. There's craft and art shops and some great little restaurants. We spent a morning there and it was lovely.