Going to BalParis tomorrow....what will I come back with?

  1. So, I'm finally going to BalParis (oh, and Printemps of course) tomorrow and hope I find a great bag. I really really want a great black city but will have to see what they have as far as leather goes. I also want to see if I can find a great rouge vif twiggy. Or greige or...

    Maybe I'll come back with something I never imagined. What will it be???
  2. Good Luck!! These shopping adventures are always fun. I hope you find a perfect bag that you love!!
  3. I´m sure you are going to find something you really like! :yes:
  4. ooooh, I say buy one of each! I love Les Printemps...I was there last spring and bought 4 Chloe bags. ~sigh~ I am jealous
  5. Enjoy your trip to Paris bal newbie :yahoo: - crossing fingers you'll find YOUR dream bag ;) :yes: - can't wait to read your post after your return :drool: :P :love:
  6. I hope you will have fun and you will find what you really want. I hope Bal in rue George V still has that nice greige twiggy I told you about.

    Bal newbie, I am sorry (feel guilty...)for leaving you without more news. My mother has overwhelmed me with thousands of things that had to be done, and she didn't leave me one hour for myself for some more shopping I had planned and to go to rue des rosiers to check l'éclaireur....(ugh! mothers!!!).
    I have come back on thursday. Pardon!

    By the way, could you please ask them if they have a waiting list for vert d'eau which is pre collection, and so supposed to come in in december? I should call them to check anyway.

    Have loooooots of fun, and let us know.....what b-beauty you have found.:heart:
  7. Good Luck Bal newbie !!!
    I'm sure you'll find something here (and I bet on Printemps !!!)
  8. Please trama, don't feel bad at all. You did great with the little time you had! Do not worry I will ask them about vert d'eau and when we'll start to see it.
  9. Thanks for understanding, that's sweet of you:heart: :love:
  10. Can't wait to see what you pick up. Very exciting!
  11. oh, i see on the internet there are many shops called "l'eclaireur" is it a chain, does it matter which one i go to? or do i go to the rue des rosiers one?
  12. L'Eclaireur

    I said rue des rosiers because that's what is written on atelier naff.
    I personally don't know if they all carry b-bags or if it's only the rue des rosiers one that does, when I have been there in the past I wasn't looking for B-bags so sorry but I can't tell you.
  13. Good luck! I think a black city is a great staple bag, but I can't wait to see what you come back with!
  14. Just saw your post so how is your shopping adventure going. I hope your having a lot of fun.:yahoo:
    What did you see and get????
  15. Yes, What did you get??? Pics please....