Going to BalNY this week...

  1. I know some folks were planning to stop in during the holidays, how did you ladies fare there? After my first sad experience there I am determined to turn it all around for myself this week, walk in with my head high, ask politely to see thousands of bags, and not apologize for it! Ha.

    I am really undecided about what new bag to get. I have a greige work, a truffle part time, and a black brief. So I think it's high time I jump on the city bandwagon and get one. However, I have so been loving how the brief lays flat on my side when I carry it that I may just have to stick with that train of thought and get a step. I just need to make sure that I can carry the step on my shoulder like the brief. Anyone want to tell me what to do? I can be easily bossed around. :smile:

    What I know for sure is that I want something with GSH. And I think my color preferences would be cafe, sandstone, or anthracite. I wish they had more metallics avail.

    Rambling now...anyway, I'm nervous about my visit but I will report back soon! xoxoxo
  2. Karyn, don't let the place intimidate you (if that was your issue before). Walk in and ask to see what you want. I know a lot of people use Kim as their SA, I met and liked Cynthia (she's new),
    Ask for them by name, someone will get them for you. They work on commission, it's to their benefit that you purchase something.

    They had a lot of different bags when I was there Saturday... Enjoy!!
  3. Cynthea helped me last time, she is very nice.
    Daphne is also very nice.....have fun.
  4. I had Cynthia for a long-distance order and she was ok... Talked to Bill on the phone and he was pretty nice.