Going to apply to Coach, any advice?

  1. Hello all. I joined this forum only last month but i've been checking posts here and there and my friend asked me if I needed a job at Coach because there's an opening at her location. It's not my first retail job, I've worked at Express (in college) and even at a mid-level handbag showroom when I was in HS but I still have braces! I'm afraid that will deter my application because my overall look isn't clean or dare I say, pretty enough because the metal can be quite distracting. :shame:

    Well I want to know from maybe former employees or others who mite know if my braces will set me back. The truth is, I already have a part time job and I'm a graduate student as well. I REALLY want this job however because it's close to where i live, the discount is great and I aspire to work in fashion one day too. My schedule isn't an issue, I believe I can juggle my stuff, but I just wanted to ask if there is anything I need to emphasize to them, how I should act, etc. :heart: TIA
  2. Well, I definitely don't think you should say you want the discount when you go to apply/your interview. And, COACH and any other employer can't discriminate based on your appearence. There's more to COACH than just a pretty face. Go in there with tons of knowledge, and do your research before the interview.
  3. plenty of the girls at my store have braces...don't let that hold you back! they look for genuine enthusiasm and confidence the most in the interviews...good luck!
  4. yes definitely be confident and pretend you dont even HAVE braces! The worst thing to do is to be nervous and think that you didnt get the job already!
  5. The braces are a non issue. don't worry about them. be clean and neat. stick to classic clothing. black pants that fit well, not too tight and definately not loose. minimal makeup.

    They will want to know why you left Express, find something netural to say about it. do not bring up and conflicts you may have had! speak well of you're last boss.

    Say something positive about why you are applying like: You want to work at Coach because it is an exciting and well respected brand. Also mention that you love working with people and really enjoy retailing.

    Anyone you use as a reference, be sure to advise them that they may receive a call from Coach, so they are prepared to give you glowing reviews.

    Good luck.
  6. Aww thank you JoV! That was some great advice! this helps a LOT! :heart:
  7. If I get the job, I ll give you advice! I dont want to say the wrong thing lol!
  8. you should be fine good luck!!!
  9. good luck! im only 16 but im planning on applying to coach to be my first job!(once i turn 18) muahaha
  10. I don't have any advice for you other than be yourself, but I just wanted to say "Good Luck."
  11. yes just look professional, be postive, upbeat, and tell them how much you like the brand and what it stands for, tell them how much you like giving advice, or helping people and how you want to work in the industry one day. If they like you, they'll want you braces or not! Don't be self concious, they won't be staring at your mouth!
  12. Be yourself! Besides if a company doesnt hire you over having braces I wouldnt want to represent them anyways. Good luck!!!