Going to Amsterdam on Monday, any suggestions?

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  1. DH is taking me to Amsterdam on Monday for a few days for a much needed break.

    We have our accomodations sorted. I have already figured out where Chanel is, and Van Ravenstein(which I believe stocks Balenciaga?) and Hermes. I guess you can see that this will primarily be a shopping trip (poor DH)

    As well as shopping, I want to go to the Ann Frank Museum and Van Gough Museum.

    What about restaurants? Any suggestions for nice places for lunch and dinner? Any other things not to miss while in Amsterdam? We will be there for four days.

    TIA for any suggestions.:flowers:
  2. Go see a show at the Royal Carré. See Pirates Pirates if it's still on. ^_^
    Shopping is great. If you're into other brands, mainly the italian ones Prada, Fendi and Gucci, there's a big outlet sale right by the dam square. I didn't actually go inside, but it looked professional and "real", allthough I can't say that with 100% certainty.
  3. There's a couple of great cafes on P C Hooftstraat (where Chanel, Hermes, etc is) for lunch. Most shopes won't open until 12 or 1 on Monday and 10 on other weekdays, not sure about the museums. The Van Gogh museum is fab, Rijksmuseum as well (although I think it's still being renovated, still open though). I'm pretty sure this time of year there will be no queues to get into anything.

    As for dinner, well Amsterdam has some FANTASTIC places. We went to La Rive in the Amstel Hotel a few weeks ago, expensive, but worth every penny. The Supperclub is great too, a bit "clubby" though.

    If the weather is nice then I would recommend a canal tour - very interesting and lots of nice sights to see. I think the Heinekin factory does tours as well.

    Four days in Amsterdam is perfect - the right amount of time to relax and enjoy this wonderful city. Have a great time.

    PS - Van Rav is about a 15-20 minute walk from Hermes.

  4. Thanks so much, Cal. :flowers: Great suggestions and am sure we will have a great time. I think I will try to go ahead and book La Rive for one of our meals!:okay:
  5. Thanks so much Liberte! Will have to look for that outlet:nuts:

  6. OMG:drool::drool::drool:

    How can I resist! That is now added to our itinerary;)

    Thanks for the link:flowers:
  7. The flower market is really fun to walk around ;) If you get off the tram by the big square (i'm blanking on the name) and walk back, there's a little district with tons of cheapo restaurants. Really fun! We ate at a brazilian steak house that had unlimited ribs for I think 11.99 E. BF had a great time, and I ate some too!
  8. No problem! We didn't do the tour, but I did buy a lovely ring there. It's a very odd experience, they take you into a little room and the sales rep keeps ringing some person upstairs and diamonds appear in a tube behind her :graucho:
    They also have a dedicated chaffeur who drives around the hotels and drops off things that people have bought :tup:
  9. I second all Cal says:smile: the PC Hooftstraat is real fun and ofcourse you will have to have a visit to the Vondelpark (adjacent to). Amsterdam is full of all little restaurants.... La rive is fantastic but indeed very pricy. Another option is Restaurant Excelsior in the Hotel de l'Europe, it is also located on the Amstel http://www.leurope.nl/restaurants.php and when you go there, have a visit at Freddy's bar as well too:smile: If you like the supperclub idea you might also like Restaurant Nomads http://www.restaurantnomads.nl/. If you like Thai food..I find the Bird the best restaurant in town http://www.thai-bird.nl/ it is in the Red Light District area. A very cute restaurant in Amsterdam is moeders http://www.moeders.com/ here you can eat real Dutch food according to mom's Dutch kitchen and that street is a fun street to shop too.

    Transportation is very easy in Amsterdam, the tram, you can get a trammap at the hotel or at any VVV office, and buy a tramkaart. If you have more question just pm me.. Have a lot of fun !!!!
  10. OMG that just sounds too good to miss.:nuts: I definitely going there! Will report back if I manage to come home with a little bling:graucho:
  11. Have heard the flower market is a must see. Hope the weather is better by Monday, because right now we are having a cold snap in Edinburgh (it's nearly freezing here today) and am sure Amsterdam isn't that much warmer than here:push:
  12. Oooh, I'm so jealous! I wanna go to Amsterdam so badly! I have to be patient, gotta wait for another couple of weeks... sigh...

    But for shopping, you HAVE to go to the PC Hooftstraat. It's great! You should also check out Maison de Bonneterie - I think they sell Salvatore Ferragamo, Chloé, Gucci etc.
    And you should go to that outlet! I think it's called Megazino, it has a website in English: www.Megazino.nl. It sells Armani, Boss, Versace, Fendi, D&G, Burberry, YSL, Dior, Cavalli, Missoni, Moschino...and so on!

    I don't know a lot about eating places and others, but of course the Anne Frank museum is great.

    (Btw, I love your name! Such a coincidence, my name is Anne, and my old friend's name is Siri!)
  13. If you like S.E. Asian/Pacific Rim food, try rijstafel (literally, "rice table") at one of the billion Indonesian places (sorry, haven't been in years, can't make a specific recommendation). Amsterdam is the most easily biked city I've ever been to (and I don't exercise as a rule). You can rent bikes all over, and take bikes on the tram if going further. It's the most physically beautiful city I've ever seen. Have a fabulous trip!
  14. Send us some "special" brownies!