Going to a wedding solo?

  1. I've been working very very hard this summer on pulling out of my breakup with BF pity party and realizing it was the right thing to do.

    Now a friend of mine is getting married in early Sept. The invitation was actually sent to both ex BF and me (before we broke up). Let me qualify that she is fabulous but not a super close friend; we have friends in common but she and I don't seek out eachother's company, KWIM? I only see her a few times a year and I've only met her FH a couple times.

    Cut to the chase: I don't want to go to a wedding solo and I really don't have any close male friends (anymore) that I could bring as a date. I haven't gone solo to a wedding in years and years and I really am not up for it. I suppose I should not feel so self conscious because it's about my friend and her FH's special day and I should be there to support them but I just can't do it, people. So am I being totally lame?
  2. Oh man Pgal you GOTTA GO! You would be the belle of the ball! Theres something about a wedding that sends some single guys into a primitive state over who can get the single girl to dance with him. Take the opportunity to have fun without a ball and chain to drag you down!
  3. I would suggest you attend the wedding ceremony and then skip the reception. That way you still honor your friend's special day.
  4. ^Perfect idea!
  5. no no no! I say go to the reception and dance till the cows come home!
  6. Weddings are great hunting grounds for single men.
  7. ^^^ yeah and just think, you can talk to whoever you want, stay as late as you want and not have to worry about where "so and so" is or if someone is going to be jealous cause you are talking to all these guys.....thats it. I'm flying to Seattle and dragging your butt to this.
  8. I hear ya bagnshoo, but the OP said she was not up for it, so I thought that just going to the ceremony might be a good compromise...:tup:
  9. maybe you can go over and give her a pep talk.
  10. Oh shoo, love you GF :heart:. I'd rather go have coffee with you and Roo honestly than go to this wedding!
  11. Where (if you don't mind me asking) is this wedding being held?
  12. The ceremony is at the Woodland Park Rose Garden and the reception is at the Edgewater Hotel! :tup:
  13. Sounds nice! But you are starting a new job that week, so you may need to relax... that could be a good excuse for you to bow out.
  14. Hey all, I really appreciate your ideas and encouragement!! (((HUGS)))
    I RSVP'd no. I'm going to get them a very generous gift meanwhile. I admit, I'm weak and I can't do it. If it was a super close friend you bet I woud be there. This whole thing just reminds me of my recent failings and I don't have the strength for it.

    Thanks, everyone!!

  15. GIRL!!!?!:noggin:

    How have you failed? You got out of a relationship that was bad for you!

    I am going to come over there and bop you on the noggin! :p:noggin: