Going to a wedding in the beginning of Nov, need dress recs

  1. I have a good friend who's getting married on November 3 in LA.

    I want to wear a dress to the wedding, but the problem is the last time I've worn a dress was 4 years ago at a summer wedding! So I'm at a loss as to what to wear in November. Am I allowed to wear black? I think the wedding starts at 2 or 3pm and the reception is to follow. My wardrobe consists mainly of black and white, and occasionally a pop of color like magenta. I'm 5' tall and weigh 95 lbs.

    I like these dresses from BCBG, what do you think?

    TIA :smile:
  2. Sorry, forgot to add dress pictures!
    _5331106 (Small).jpg _5353384 (Small).jpg
  3. look at Tadashi, Kathlin Argiro, DVF...
  4. i think the first one is cute! I have seen people wear black to weddings - it depends on how closely related you are. to me, immediate family and very close friends shouldn't wear black, but the rest is fine (just my opinion!).

    for me it depends on what kind of affair it is - laid back, sit down dinner, super high class, etc etc - personally for a wedding I prefer a dress that hits below the knee because it is a little more elegant, even during the day time. also, I don't know the weather there in november but it might a good idea to consider a little jacket as well?

    I like this:

    I absolutely love the colour and the style.
  5. Both dresses are perfectly fine for a LA wedding (I really like lara's suggestion too!). Coming from So Cal, the number one dress color that women wear to weddings always seem to be black. (The other half wear skimpy clubbing dresses...I'd err on the non-slutty side.) Yours is a little bit earlier in the day, but I still think your choices will be fine. Have fun!!
  6. sailornep5: I like the first dress too! I think it's still warm in LA at that time, right?
  7. Black was one of my wedding colors. My mother, MIL, Grandmother, etc. all wore black. 95 percent of my wardrobe is black too. I always ask first, however, before I wear it to anyone else's big day.
  8. I just checked the almanac for LA in November and average temperatures range from high 60's to low 70's. (Last year's temps were in the 80s though, so who knows what will happen this year!) You should be fine with the first dress and a cute sweater or jacket as a coverup. You'll look smashing!