Going to a party tonight...

  1. at my auntie's house...which bag shall I use? Dune speedy, ivory speedy, or azur speedy?
  2. Dune Speedy!
  3. dune speedy!!
  4. well what are you wearing? Or will your outfit revolve around your bag choice? (yes I have done that!)
  5. Dune speedy!
  6. also dune speedy
  7. Epi...it is beautiful. Glad you got your bags...did they find them in the back or did you get different ones?
  8. Dune Speedy!
  9. Dune speedy
  10. I'll vote for the Ivory Epi just to be different, but they're all great! I love that you bought...not 1, not 2, but 3 LV's today! How fun is that???!!!:party:
  11. Dune Speedy!
  12. what type... o wait i think im too late! haha the parties probably over by now!
  13. lol. i woulda picked azur..
  14. Dune speedy!