Going to a new Hair Stylist... What to ask?

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  1. Well... I seem to be in this situation more & more lately - from moving around with my husband's career. I was flying back to IL to get my hair done, but quite frankly its kind of expensive & not really worth it. (Especially if I need something done, SOON...) :smile:

    Anyhow, I made an appointment at a highly recommended salon, rec. from a girl at a local shoe boutique that I love going to... (And I like her hair, so that's a start...)

    :Push: I am horrible with this situation though. Turning over power to someone you probably have never met & you don't know "their style"... I am going for a cut/shape up, highlight/lowlight coloring, & eyebrow wax... So my question for you would be:

    What are the essential things I should ask the stylist before we start?? And what information should I be sure to convey to her? (Other then the obvious, what I like, don't like...)

    Also, is it too much to ask of a stylist for them to give me THEIR input?? That is what I loved about my girl in IL... she would throw out new ideas, and if I had a BAD idea... she would politely steer me in a better direction... Is this too much to ask of someone new??
  2. coming from a hair stylist :] .. this is my advice.
    pictures are huge! it's so much easier for me and my client to work together, when i have an actual visual of what they want. or even what they don't want. visuals are always a plus!

    also .. communicaton is key. i don't care if i talk to my client for 15 minutes before we start .. we must be on the same page before i start cutting or coloring.

    as for the "essentials" .. it's always good for the stylist to know what you do to your hair every day. if your someone who doesn't even use a brush then u don't want your stylist giving u a "high maintence" hair cut. i always like to know products my client will use, whether or not they even blow dry there hair, or if they like to spend an hour in the morning .. that gives the stylist a good idea on where to start.

    i don't think it is too much to ask for input. whether or not they've done your hair a million times, or this is the first, they are the professional, and should offer a little input, especially once they have talked to you for a few minutes and she/he has gotten a basic feel for you and your hair.

    sorry for all my rambling .. i hope i helped a little! i :heart: my job a lot .. so when it comes to talking about it .. i'll go on for days .. lol!

    good luck with your new stylist!
  3. Oh my goodness!! Thank you, thank you, for the reply!! My hair appointment is on Tuesday, so I always get a bit nervous beforehand.

    I was thinking of bringing in pictures of things that I like & also pictures of styles/coloring I've had in the past that I've liked... so I will definately do that!! Also, I am always worried that I'm talking too much at the beginning, that she'll want to get started - but I will keep in mind that that will help her get to know my style & not worry about it!! :yes:

    I'm glad to hear about the input part, because I am horrible with making decisions - and even though I may like something on someone else, it may not exactly work on me, or something a bit different might work better, KWIM? So, Sabrina (my stylist in IL) always would put some input in and let me know what she thought, which I really liked! :tup:

    I have one of those cuts (inverted bob), that always seems like it means something different to everyone... so I will just bring as many pictures as possible. I like a really severe angle, whereas, sometimes when I say inverted bob, it just ends up being more of a regular bob, with a slight angle? Anyhow, hopefully since the last person I went to was Sabrina they can kind of see how it was & the pics might help.

    Thanks again!! I am excited for Tuesday, because I am definately due for a cut & color... so I am hoping I will love it! :yahoo:
  4. good luck girl! glad to have helped! can't wait to hear about your hair :]
  5. Well... thanks for your help!! I came with lots of info, and I felt like she knew exactly what I was going for... color-wise, etc... I :heart: it!! I did however think of one additional question I should have asked:

    How much is this going to cost?

    HA! I moved to the suburbs in MI, and I figured there was no way getting my hair done could be more expensive here, then the suburbs in Chicago... :wtf: LOL... I was wrong, wrong, wrong... Don't get me wrong, I love it - and I still would it have it done. I'm just a bit in shock still. I probably should have asked how much the services were going to be before I went in though, just so I didn't feel blown away at the counter the end. :shame:

    Anyhow... I love it... it is subtle, yet different from what I had going on before. Pics attached of the new "do"!! (Please ignore the crappy face, not very much makeup on as I had my eyebrows waxed today too... so kind of bad complexion - but you get the idea.) :graucho:

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  6. very nice ! I like the cut and the color
  7. It looks great!!! It was very worth it! ENJOY, hopefully you can build a good relationship with this hairstylists because she did an amazing cut.
  8. Yea! :yahoo:Thanks guys... I do really, really like it!!

    I will be over the shock of paying here soon enough - just have to make sure DH doesn't find out. :sneaky:

    LOL... I definately feel like I lucked out on the first try though, because I got along with the stylist very well & she seemed to get what I was trying to say! ;) Also, she is the same age as me & our birthday is on the same numbered day, a month apart - so we had lots to chat about.

    I think it turned out well... I went out to run an errand earlier and I saw a few guys staring at me, when I got out of my car!! It's been a long time since that has happened... so I'm feeling pretty good!! :tup: Also, I have class tonight, so I'll have to see what my friends in there have to say!!

    Thanks for all of the help guys!! And the well wishes!! Good to know I spent my $$ wisely! :graucho:
  9. Worth every penny!
    You look gorgeous..so shiny and bouncy.
  10. soooo cute!!

    .. i love it! color, especially! i'm glad everything worked out for u, my dear! :biggrin:
  11. Thanks!! :P

    Everyone at class last night LOVED it!! I ended up giving out references to the salon & my stylist, to 2 or 3 girls!! :tup:

    And then I got home.... and my husband didn't even notice!! Normally, I would probably be :crybaby:... but now I don't have worry about explaining how much I spent either!! :nuts: It's a win-win!!