Going to A Coach Outlet Tomorrow.

  1. Taking a small trip to check out the Coach Outlet. What kind of bags are they currently holding. Is it about the same in all regions? I'd love to find some Pocket totes. Do they have all Fall/Winter stuff I would imagine? Hope to find a deal on a good resell but I've never seen anything worth taking the risk. I could afford to invest 1500 in bags for resell. Anyone know of some sure selling bets?
  2. Different outlets carry different lines. Some carry the signature line while others don't. You can call ahead and ask if you have a specific bag on mind that you really wanted to score at the outlet for. BF did that for the outlet in AC and they didn't have the line I wanted so we saved a trip going down there.
  3. Don't buy to resell- lots of people are already doing that on ebay and the market is completely saturated. Like the quilted bags, which were phased out in 2004 but continue to live on, brand new, through ebay sellers who bought from the outlets. The outlets have a lot of smaller bags, I've noticed, and some bags that are more traditional. Oddlly enough, I always seem to see bags that I would think were fake had I seen them on the street.
  4. I know, Ebay is saturated. I kinda got the bug cause I sold my 2004 Studded Hobo Flap bag for 360 last week (It was a Ltd Ed and impossible to find) so I had the thought I could make some more quick Cash, to buy another IF or Kooba. Well, hubby thinks I am buying for resale so I'll look for something I REALLY like and then tell him it's just impossible to sell...LOL
  5. I was at the coach outlet in woodbury commons on wednesday and wasn't impressed with selection of bags. No signature line, some from the resort line, and some from the hamptons collection from a couple of years ago, but I'm sure that it totally depends on which coach outlet you go to.
  6. I ended up buying absolutely nothing even tho Hubby was encouraging me to buy a bag for myself. Suede everywhere and lots of Spring Twill bags and lots and lots of pink. Nothing "special". There was a Suede Biscotti Pocket Satchel almost 50% off but those women were crazy. I watched them just pick up a bag and THROW it back on the shelf ontop of other purses. The Biscotti already was showing signs of Suede trauma from all the abuse.
    I was more impressed with the Fossils ay the Fossil outlet.
  7. Does anyone know if they carry any satchels at the outlet? There was 1 at the Nordstrom outlet by me..it was gorgeous. I wish I got it..I just didn't have the money that week, went the following weekend & it was gone.
  8. Ahh-I am so jealous-wish I were going to a Coach outlet
  9. The Coach Outlet in S. Florida had the Hamptons Satchel in the pebbled leather in a variety of colours. Black, Ivory/ Bone, Yellow and Green (if I remember correctly). They were selling for $219. It is a great handbag. Holds a ton of stuff.

    Other than that they had the resort collection, quite a few handbags from their Classic line, the pink stripes and a large variety of the Pocketflap handbags in different coloured pastelly colours in a fabric, with white leather trim. Pink, yellow and green from what I remember. They also had some of the luggage/ business line and then bags like the Legacy soft duffle (old style with no buckles on the sides), the Soho tote (love it!!), quite a few of the Soho Hobos, both in the demi and the large size, and the Sonoma e-w soft duffle in pebbled leather.

    It's a little funny, I saw a lady with the Soho tote and loved it. I knew it was not a current style, and wanted to check out the Outlet store that had opened in March. Went to the Outlet Store, but didn't think they wouldn't be open on Easter Sunday (grrrr), cupped hands, peering into the dark, closed store and "oooo" I exclaim when I see the Soho tote right there on the left hand side! Went back the following night and got the black. Went back the following night and got the camel : ) 50 mile round trip each time. My poor husband just did not understand (weren't you there yesterday??)

    I have not been in another Coach Oulet, so I don't know how their stock varies. The SA said that they get a new selection for the back wall every 4 weeks or so.

    I wish you well,

  10. congrats on your new hobo! did you happen to see any signature hobos? if so, how much did it cost? i'm looking to buy a small one in white.
  11. Thanks!

    I don't remember any Signature pieces. They had the Soho Hobo demi in white leather with brown accent trim and contrast stitching.

    I wish you well,

  12. I got a cardinal (red) signature duffle today. There was the pebbled line, leather line, hamptons and twill mostly. There was a few metallic dusted suede and suede pieces. I was at the AC outlet today.
  13. Oh the red of that Signature Duffle is so unbelievable. Great find!

    I wish you well,

  14. Thanks! I've been looking for it for a while. I saw it in December in the catalog and in the store and loved it but wanted to wait til it hit the outlets. Well, I guess when I went to the outlets it was too late cause I never saw any until this time. I grabbed the last one they have.