Going to a Broadway show........what to wear?

  1. Guys-

    On July 7th, I am going to Gershwin Thereate to see Wicked............its starts at 2:00 PM...........

    What should I wear??
  2. Times have changed...

    It used to be that you would get dressed up to go to the theatre, and although you still see that, you also see people in jeans and flip flops.

    I myself have always gone semi-dressed up...meaning, a skirt, cute shirt and shoes, and hair and make - up done...basically, i put in effort to look nice.
  3. It's such a toss-up now.

    You'll see everything, especially at a matinee, and especially at a show like Wicked.

    Just use common sense- a cute skirt, dress pants, something other than a t-shirt. Fun shoes are nice, flip-flops are still mostly frowned upon, as well as beat-up sneakers.

    Wear something you can layer- you'll never know whether it will be super hot/cold and it's nice to be prepared.

    Have fun!
  4. Definitely bring a sweater, b/c they keep it super cold inside most theaters. The other posters gave you good advice on what to wear. Jeans may be convenient, but I think they're too casual. The dress codes for B;way shows may not be as formal as they once were, but some tourists take dressing down way too far.

    Oh, and have a great time! I've been wanting to see that show for the longest time.
  5. Jeans,Tee-shirt & sweater/hoodie?
  6. When I went to see wicked, I dressed business casual (dockers, sweater, heels) and I was not out of place.
  7. i went to see Wicked in the evening, i still saw people dress super casual-- jeans, sneakers, tshirt. the majority was dressed in dressy-casual. i wore a skirt, boots (it was winter) and a nice top and sweater.
  8. you're going to love it btw!!
  9. Broadway has changed big time. It's no longer such a dressy affair. Dress casual - but not sloppy. Wicked's got a fairly lax crowd - jeans would be fine. Sandals even are fine (though you could get hurt - watch your feet!).

    I just saw Les Mis last night for the 4th time (2nd since being revived) - I wore this:

    With black bejeweled flip-flop/sandals and this zip-up hoodie over it when I got cold:

    My dad works at a broadway advertising agency - so I grew up a "broadway brat" :p. Enjoy! :heart:
  10. I've spent a lot of time in Theatres (I'm an ex Ballet Dancer) and I have to say that I still 'Dress Up' to go.

    One thing I would say is "make sure you are comfortable" because you will be sitting down for a while!!!

    Enjoy it - its great fun! Infact - Its "Wicked"!!!!! Ha!! Sorry couldn't resist!
  11. Due to my old job, I was in a theatre 4-5 nights a week in NY for the last couple of years.

    Yes, you'll see everything. However, it's still respectful to dress up a little bit. You don't want to look like you rolled out of bed and into a beautiful theatre.

    Being super dressed up isn't a prerequisite anymore, but looking pulled together is the least you can do.

    Personally, since I was working a lot, I'd usually have black pants and heels (Sept-April) or a skirt and ballet flats (May-August). Jeans, though you see them, are still a bit casual, IMHO.
  12. Dressing up isn't required but isn't it fun??? In the theatre tradition at my university everyone goes to opening night decked out in black looking gooooooooood.
  13. I just went to see Beauty and the Beast last Tuesday night, i was concerned about what to wear also. When I got there I couldn't believe how underdressed most people were. A guess a lot of tourists. Really anything goes, you mine as well dress for comfort. And really it wasn't even cold in the place, I didn't even need the blazer i had brought. Enjoy the show. Don't worry about what you wear.
  14. I think it is far better to be underdressed thatn overdressed in my opinion. I don't know about Broadway but the West End in London is fairly casual, I would wear a nice skirt, a dress, flat pumps, a nice bag, I wouldn't get too dressed up as I think people who do look really silly
  15. Dress like you are going to the movies. Especially if it is an afternoon show. Nobody dresses up to see Broadway shows anymore. Which is a shame. The nightime shows can be more dressy because people go out to dinner also.