Going thru a Bal withdrawl period...am I weird?

  1. Hi girls,

    december and january have been very expensive months so I was good cut down my TPF time and stuck to my ban pretty easily and even decided to sell one of my Bals...

    Beginning of the year I really wanted a naturel city but somehow seeing it IRL I thought it was kind of blah...(sorry just mho)
    Hubby added these bags are just so dull looking grrrrrhhh.
    But somehow that struck a cord...I started hanging out a lot more in TPF again (hubby is away on buisness:p )and strayed to the chloe section...I know paddys are "so over" but when I first came here that's the bag I wanted to get but must say got quickly "discouraged" (weight, etc...) and layed my eyes on Bal instead.

    I had 7 Bals 4 are left and I have decided to only keep my greige day;
    I am in the process of aquiering a paddy in blanc/ivory and would love to find a second in choc or mousse...:shame:

    What do you think girls will I regret it later ?
  2. maybe, but I think you should go with how you feel I mean you can always get them back later on:idea:.
  3. Chloe paddys and Balenciaga citys are my FAVORITE bags of the moment. I think that the paddy leather is thick and gorgeous and the style looks better with "lady-like" clothes (skirts, blouses, dresses) IMO than the Balenciaga motorcycle bags do. Additionally, I think that if you love the paddy, it won't look dated for awhile yet AND if you remove the lock at the later date I think that the shape and gorgeous leather makes it a classic. I think that having both in your collection will work out fabulously for you.:yes:
  4. Honestly? Yes, I think you will regret it, but that's just MHO, and what's more I don't really like chloe very much, not practical enough and too much attention raiser. The thing is I like Balenciaga because I think you just forget it when you've been wearing it for a while, and that's just one of the reasons why i like it.

    But as I said that's just me, and what's more important in all this is that YOU are happy, so if what you are doing is what you REALLY want, well, the one you are taking is a very good decison.
    What I mean is that you should be the one who decides exactly what you like and what you wear.
    Try not to be influenced by all the lovely PFers, may that be on the B subforum or on the Chloe subforum. Try not to be influenced by your DH also. Just try to lesson to yourself and try to find what you really like and for what reasons (the resaons topic is one that I find especially hepful).

    Good luck in your choice!
  5. Well~ I think it is good to have some sort of variety in your collection of bags. I would not get 2 Chloe's at the same time~ I would purchase one and see how you like it before buying more.
  6. Keodi's right...I did the opposite...I started with chloe and turned to a major bbag spree which now I have to tame now too...so I will be getting rid of a couple of the chloes soon...I figure I can always get them back if I find I can't live without them...if you have some harder to acquire colors I might hold onto them just to make sure chloe is your choice and sell the bags that won't be hard to replace should you decide to come back to bbags..chloe bags are really hardy...

    Good luck;)

  7. Trama your so wise...

    I usually know what I don't like ( "whisper": don't like Chanel bags nor LV mono apart from accessory). What I really like and why can depend on my mood...
    Now here we're in a gray zone...

    iluvhandbags I do like the paddy's havy, thick leather and like you I think it does look a bit more dressed up.

    zacorey you're probably right but the chocolat just looks so eatable...being on a diat it makes me dream of mousse au chocolat. Now I do have variety 2 Diors I rarely use anymore a "huge" gucci which is my fitnessbag :shame: , as well as 2 older Fendis and a fair amount of vintage and a few others....

    diana12457 we are "crossing paths", what does hardy mean?
  8. I think you should definitely give Chloe a try! By hardy I think she was referring to the fact that the leather is soooo very thick and durable, smooshy and buttery, smooth and pebbly.....everything all rolled into one. I find myself not worrying at all about being as overprotective of my Chloe as opposed to my Bal's, although they're also very hardy as you know. It's nice to have a change....you won't know unless you give them a try! :yes:
  9. welp, i think variety is the spice of life & i've got a few other designer bags that i love as much as my b-bags :love:...but they're few & far between & my b-bags makes up 90% of my collection...i love the paddy's style, but sadly they're way too heavy on me...the weight issue is always a deal-breaker for me, no matter how pretty the bag is :sad:...but you should go with your heart & your gut right now & hopefully you won't have any regrets!!!
  10. i think u should get 1 chloe before u sell all ur b bags.

    i was having this phrase on early january with hermes herbag, i wanted one so much and even thinking of getting more.
    but after i have 1 in my hand, and i use it, although i love it, i found 1 is enough for me. luckily i haven't let go most of my b bags to fund it :p

    and now i'm back to b bags only in a matter of days. not even weeks.
    i am that indecisive :p

    and just now, i sold some b bags to fund a chanel coco cabas and balenciaga accessories. but i won't let go ALL of my b bags... i love them too much :love:
  11. I have lots of bags other than Balenciaga. I was shopping for LV today on Eluxury. Scared to buy LV on eBay. :p Also looking at Prada on NM website. I have some Balenciags that I would never sell and others that I might sell if I didn't use them much. I have too many City bags and I'm not using them enough. I don't LOVE the Day, it takes too long to break them in and stretch the straps. I prefer used Days for that reason.
    Keep what you love and will have to pay more than retail to replace, sell the others to get what you want if you have to.
    Chloes are really heavy though, keep that in mind. I put a lot of stuff in my bags and other bags feel so heavy compared to bbags.
  12. Buy what makes YOU happy.
  13. I love Balenciaga and Chloe equally :love:

    I have four Paddingtons and several other Chloe bags (Silverado, Betty, Edith...) and I have twelve b-bags :graucho:

    I think it is nice to have different bags in your collection but maybe you will regret selling all but one of your b-bags? Do what you feel is right :heart:

  14. Thanks ladies for all your input...
    I will see what happens (if bags sell quickly it's ment to be if not I'm ment to keep them:p , it's a win/win situation), I am not a bag collector per say it somehow bothers me to get too attached too "things", I like to be able to use and enjoy what I have. But I start wondering about my little red one I think I should keep her...


    Thanks my english has it's limitations, that's good to know especially with ivory

    powderpuff100 , aaallabama

    The weight issue has kept me away from the paddies these last 2 years...(pregnancy and then little babe). I have some catching up to do;) .


    Good that I'm not into Hermès yet :sweatdrop: (I give myself another 2 years :rolleyes: ...)

    Oh Donna!

    I will. I know you can relate...


    You do have an amazing collection, I'll keep that in mind.
  15. Cat,
    I can totally relate....
    I went from having 6 bbags to 3 bbags. And now out of the 3, I am in the process of selling one. So, at the end, I prob will have only 2. I dont think I will buying more unless they have pink or purple coming.
    As far as paddy.... I had 2. But sold both of them. Not because I dont love them, but because I needed money to buy other bags. Anyways, the leather is thick and nice. You will not be dissapointed in the quality. But I agree with the other girls that you should get 1 first before you get rid of more balenciagas.