Going through the visual thread I love how the PH looks so nice on everyone....

  1. Wish I would have gotten the popincourt haut instead of the speedy 30...looks so nice on the people that own it...love shoulder bags...love my LH but, find I do not like using my speedy all the time because it is hand held...love shoulder bags more...anyone else the same?????

    People with the PH please tell me how much you hate it and how much prefer your speedy....
  2. I love my Speedy but I definitely want a PH someday too! :yes:
  3. I own the PH. It was my first lv, my husband bought it in Vegas for Mother's Day gift. I also have three speedies. I use the speedies more than the ph. I still love it, but it seems like I only pull it out occasionally. It's just so easy to carry the speedy everyday. I used to only love shoulder bags, but since I got my speedy, I think handhelds are becoming my favorite. PH is a great bag if you're into shoulder bags more than handhelds.:yes:
  4. I personally think that the PH is too small. I tend to carry "my life" with me, which is why I always opt for larger shoulder bags. If you're just looking to carry the essentials, then this is the perfect size.
  5. i love my Popincourt Haut. it can hold everything i need in there and more, and is one of my favorite shoulder bags. i don't find the straps uncomfortable at all, and i love the little balls on the zipper :P
  6. lol :lol: . I know I actually went through the popincourt club thing too. I was in between the BH and PH when they first came out but after having the BH for a while now I still want the PH!!
  7. I didn't like the Popincourt Haut at first. I thought the shape looked like a brown paper bag with trim, but as I saw more member pics with it, I started to really like it. Now, I seriously want it.:heart: I used to like the BH more, but I like how the PH is smaller and the zippered closure is good, too. I'm also starting to really like the Popincourt. When I was trying on the Mono Speedy in the store, a woman trying on the Popincourt caught his eye and he tugged at my sleeve and said, "look! What do you think of that bag? I think it's cool looking! I really like it!" Since then, I've checked out threads and pics, and I want that one, too. LOL.
  8. Didn't you already get a PH? I swear I remember you starting a topic about it... then ended up returning it for something else because it was too small?

    I just remember you being fickle about it. did you change your mind again?
  9. I like PH...but I have yet to own one. I'm actually not really attracted to the mono speedy...well, that desire to have the speedy comes and goes, esp. when I see a speedy that's different from the mono (like damier or epi). It's still a really pretty bag that looks like it can hold a lot...but I'm still on the fence if it's really the right bag for me.

    You can always get PH sometime later....;)