Going through recruitment process feels like dating, help?

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  1. So I’ve interviewed. like a nice dating courting phase and you go on several dates and you like each other. You come over to meet the team and then....you get ghosted.
    Or another one, you interview you want to show your best self and wonder who should contact first as you don’t want to seem desperate. You spend a nice amount of time working on an assignment for them and they don’t get back to you at the time they said they would....
    Suggestions on how to handle this process without losing your self confidence??
  2. A few things I’ve found that has helped me during recruitment (obviously different industries have different practices, so this may not be super relevant to you):

    1. Accept that it’s highly competitive everywhere at the moment and even if you tick all the boxes, they might value one criteria more than another without making it obvious or they just prefer someone else - it’s not your fault
    2. Follow up once within a reasonable timeframe, then leave it - job searching is a two way street and if they can’t be bothered following up with you, are they really worth your time?
    3. Ask for feedback once per firm - sometimes it can be satisfying holding them accountable if everything “went perfectly” and you still didn’t get the job.
    4. Dealing with HR rather than the hiring partner/manager takes some of the emotion out of the process
    5. Incorporate reflection into your post interview process. Although point 1 often applies, it’s always good to constantly evaluate your skills and interview technique to strengthen your next application.
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  3. ^^thank you :smile: I agree
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  4. mellecyn, I’m LITERALLY going through the same feelings right now. Also currently on the “job” hunt — been on so many phone and in person interviews.

    Don’t lose hope. Keep applying. Head up and we’ll find what we’re looking for! Xoxo
  5. I love your analogy with liking an interview with a date!

    I always treat it a little as such to be honest.

    I make a genuine effort to connect with the interviewer. I make small talk/something personal besides the industry and job... I ask them about how they like it, the pros and cons, the turn over rates, the nitty gritty and I also sell myself as a potential employee...

    It’s rare I ask about when they’d get back to me, because usually they’d let me know that they’ll get back to me within x days, there are x candidates... etc. the one time I did ask was for my now job, when the manager said they’re still interviewing x people.. I asked and it turns out it was a bluff (he also has that joking personality).
  6. well....if everything works out...then you work for that company...then it's like marriage....it's never what it seems or whatever it's promised....lol....
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