Going through a phase...

  1. My taste for handbags have drastically changed. :oh: I now buy more classic pieces rather than trendy handbags. I know it's good to have a variety but I'd hate to buy a trendy bag that will only be "it' for a year and have it sit it my closet. My next purchases will only be classic handbags.

    Have any of you experienced this before? I think I'm just getting older :sad2:
  2. Well I am starting to try to dress older, like I'm a mom and all, and I thought I was ready to only buy some classic looking handbags, so I did buy 2 but thought they were too plain looking so returned them. I'm not quite through with "it" bags yet. It's good to mix it up a bit or else you might get bored.. For me I change my mind too much to stick to one thing anyways... lol and for Gosh sakes we're only in our mid 20's..
  3. me. but only kind of. before i always wanted the it bag, but was too cheap to spend the money in general (on any bag). now i'm willing spend the money, but i'm drawn to the classic shapes. the it bags just don't even make my heart flutter at all anymore. classic LV mono, LV epi and hermes just fit my jackie o/charlotte york fashion fantasy better than bbags, chloe, MJ and his hole punch weirdness ever could.

    the thing that makes me feel old is now i'll save the cash instead of charging it. blargh. good for my credit, bad for my youth. i miss indiscrimate spending. :smile:
  4. I think as you get older, you sometimes want to have a trendy bag to stay youthful. Does that make sense? I love classic bags, but then a black city b-bag makes me feel young again. I still consider myself young at heart!
  5. I agree with you pursegal, I'd rather buy classic pieces than buy trendy ones. Classic will last for a long time and the trendy ones will only be "it" for so long.
    Age doesn't have anything to do with it. Some older women like to buy trendy bags and some young women like classics.
  6. Yes, I feel the same way. I prefer classic styles. My only exception is the Chloe Paddy Satchel. I think they are so cute, and I will use it as long as I own it. I even love it without the lock! :amuse:
  7. I don't think classics are boring :biggrin: I have trendy bags also but I don't use most of them.
  8. i tend to live for the moment. i can't help it if a bag catches my eye and i just have to have it. and if it so happens i get bored of the bag i sell it. and this goes for trendy and classics.
  9. Good point fayden! :P
  10. Of course a variety is good. What does age have to do with buying classics over trendy? Ayay! :lol: I buy what catches my eye too but what catches my attention at the moment are classic handbags.

    Fayden, I like your new avatar.
  11. Agreed :biggrin:
  12. That's the spirit! :biggrin:
    Buy bags that you will love - regardless of whether it's trendy or not...
  13. I actually have it the other way around. I used to buy the classics and I'm sooo bored with my LV mono things! I just love the B-bags, Paddies Gauchos and the rest. I realized I'm not ready yet to wear a suit every day with an Alma bag. Funny isn't it??
  14. Oh .. I wasn't referreing to everyone.. I was actually specifically talking to her knowing how she is. and I said "might" not will. I don't think all classics are boring. thats why I mix it up. ;)
  15. I think it depends on how you wear these bags. Look at someone like SJP she wears all kinds of bags in my opinion they all look good on her. She is well put together and her bags compliment her. I think if you are chic and well groomed just about anything goes.
    Age does not determine style.