Going through a Marc Jacobs rut...

  1. Hi everyone!

    Is anyone else here going through a bit of MJ rut? I find myself spending less time on the subforum because I just don't find any of the new bags exciting. If anything, I find myself loving the "older" or more classic bags more and more - so, it is exciting to see people discover classics like the Stella, MP, and Venetia. But, I just find that I'm having less and less to say about the new bags.
  2. I could have written this. I love the photos of the new styles that members have purchased. But, I can't see myself purchasing any of these. I'd love to find a bag I could get excited about!
  3. Hi SuLi - I feel the same way.I think the new bags are gorgeous (and I love the pictures too!) but I truly love the classic styles too.
  4. Ah, I totally agree! The newest style isn't that exciting for my anymore :sad: . I think the latest MJ collection that I have is from the striping line, Trish. I think that's the last style I like too from Marc Jacobs. The Patch Stam is just too much for me. I honestly don't have my interest in it whatsoever.

    I love the classic styles :heart: I still need to get a Stella.
  5. Phew...I'm glad I'm not the only one. The last bag that I LOVED was the Stam. However, I had some issues with the Stam after purchasing one last summer and had to give up on the bag altogether. And then, in the fall, I purchased a quilted leather bowler that turned out to be a very good fake (both my Stam and Bowler experiences were vented in the subforum).

    So, the last MJ anything I purchased bag-wise was a Miss Veruka tote. I would really love to buy a MP, but already have a two things with the same "pushlock" detail and feel like I should wait to find something that is different.
  6. If my husband notices that I've purchased a new MJ, he sees the pushlocks and says, "Don't you already have that bag?". I've pushed the limits on how many pushlock bags can one person own.....:smile:
  7. My husband says that SAME THING tln! Its either that or "How much was that bag?" followed by a lot of eye rolling. Whatever, years of training has taught me to ignore it.

    I love the pushlocks too... they are classics and wont ever go out of style.
  8. Suli I totalyy agree...I keep checking in here though to see what other pf'rs have bought....I add my 2 cents here and there..I am still in love with previous seasons' bags as well...I have yet to find a red wallet to match my blake, I want something in tapioca...and now I have the hots for a black blake w/ gold hardware....Oh and I saw a pink wallet on eBay I have my eye on...silver hardware!!! Nothing really rocks my world from the new collection.....bummer!!!
  9. The classics are my thing too. I have not bought anything with gold hardware. My heart skips a beat over nickel hardware!
  10. :yes:
    Or how about the ever popular, "Is that another new purse?"
  11. My favorite husband quote: "How many of those things do you need?" Um?

    On topic: I'm with you. I love the classic MJ styles so much and I'm just now starting to warm up towards the Stam. Mostly I'm plotting a Blake (silver hardware in pomegranite, sap, peacock or maroon) as my next purchase, but probably can't afford to start looking for one until this summer. Wah.
  12. suli, i've been feeling the same way...glad it's not just me :smile: i think we all go through 'phases' with a designer when we first discover them & want one of everything...at least, i know i do. i think that, while i'll always love MJ, my 'phase' with him is nearing a close.

    but, you never know....there's always the possibility of a renaissance ;)
  13. hey gals,

    i definitely like the older bags better. now and then i see something i might buy. i'm spending more time at the playground these days but i continue to hang out here because i started hanging out here when i first joined tpf so i'm familiar with the people here and the community here is really awesome!!
    and i'm genuinely excited and happy when others find what they want. =)

    i definitely do think we all go through designer phases but i'll always want multiple zip clutches =) (i don't even have one hyet!)
  14. I agree, I'm in a bit of a slump too. I've been cruising eBay for some classic bags that I have on my "want" list but they haven't popped up. The spring bags and colors aren't doing it for me.

    Speaking of new fall collection bags.. I saw the new "elastic quilted" bags for fall 07 and they look fugly in the lookbook, they look sort of like the really bad fakes on eBay. There's also a woven leather collection and a seventies collection. Seventies reminded me of the Sixties collection. The only collection I liked was the mixed quilted bags. They look similar to the spring bags, but with a lot of chain straps(this time with padded shoulders). For some reason, while looking thru the lookbook, the thought "No wonder he's in rehab" popped in my mind. Is that bad??:p
  15. ^^^
    I keep trolling ebay for my holy grail MJ, but it never shows up. The only recent collection that really interested me, lately, is the mixed quilting. I have to say that I love the photos that I have seen of the Deborah, too.