Going SHOPPING today!

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  1. Dh spoils me sooo bad. He told me I can go to the outlet today and I can't wait!

    We go to the Hagerstown, MD outlet... Any good leads on what is there so I can get an idea?

    I know I want a wristlet and maybe a new bag (Im bad I know, but I know yall dont hold that against me LOL). haha

    So yeah.. We are heading out in a little bit!
  2. Yesterday Hagerstown didn't have too many wristlets but they had a couple of Zoe's at 30% off Factory Price.
  3. Yeah. I have a Carly so I dont think I want a Zoe. Hmmmmmmmm.
  4. They have the patchwork Zoe's 50% 279.99 but all of the other Zoes are 30% off Factory Price.
  5. I may change my mind when I see them tho. :biggrin:

    Did they have anything else new there that you remember?
  6. #6 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    They had a Large Editiorial Zoe at 30% off in black.
    Legacy , and colored tattersall scarves at 50% off
    Some new bookbag/baby bag w/ scribble like C's on it that reminded me of a messanger bag, but didn't dawdle on it long to check (back right corner)
    No legacy wristlets from 08 , but a few random wallets, M/L legacy type-ish hat in Tan but don't recall the style name on it
    Decent selection of watches but not so much on bracelets
    Some 06 leather woven hobo smallish purse with gold accents, in the 30% off area and the tag doesn't have any info on her
    not that many gloves to choose from, there is a white pair with an AS IS tag if you want to fix the button yourself
  7. Thanks so much, Bunny. I've decided to skimp out tho... BLAH.
    I am definetely going to go in 2 weeks tho.

    Any chance that the Amanda Satchels will be there, or is that wishful thinking?
  8. I would call ahead, I'm surprised that Leesburg is selling them but Hagerstown says they aren't allowed to (both in the same district, but each have diff. sister stores).