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  1. I took the advice from you lovely ladies and registered for the Graco Infant seat and it has been outstanding, but it's time to move on. My little one will be 9 months old in a couple of days and it looks like we're pushing it to the limit with this seat. She's quite long, so I think it's time for a new seat. I need recommendations for a convertible car seat. Safety is the key ingredient and looks are secondary. Ideally I would like a seat that has a higher weight capacity so that I won't have to do this all over again any time soon. I have a babies r us coupon that I need to put to good use.
  2. We always used Britax convertibles - we bought Wizards for the boys but they don't make those anymore, but they went up to like 60+ lbs!
  3. I agree, Britax has really good reviews in terms of safety. In terms of having it a lot longer and functionality, I used an Eddie Bauer one that can hold up to 60 lbs. My daughter used it since she turned 11 months and she is two and a half now and it still works well for her (She is also a tall kid, now at 37"). Always get a carseat that you can adjust the straps to the child's height because that will also keep her safe. Also, make sure you buy one that has a cover that can be washed and cleaned without hosing the whole seat down. Potty accidents happen a lot in the car when you start potty training!:yes:
  4. I agree with the britax. I used it for my son when he outgrew the graco, then with my daughter, and now my third is finally growing out of the carrier and we will be putting her in soon! It was really worth it!