going shopping on BLACK FRIDAY!?!

  1. helloo everyone!

    Just wanted to know if people are heading to the malls/outlets/stores etc.

    I really want to go to Woodbury Common Outlets! Need some advice though aha, wut time to arrive? what stores to definantely visit? do I need to bring pepper spray for angry shoppers :graucho: you get the point..

  2. I am! My mom and I shop on Black Friday every year. It is a tradition! We've been going so many years, now I can't imagine NOT doing it.
  3. oh really haha!! where do you go? do you find awesome sales? this will be my first year.. and im a little intimidated since i really dont like the whole angry shopper cliche haha
  4. I was considering going to woodbury - being for thanksgiving I'm going home (to Rockland) from New Paltz, so I pass by woodbury - but it'll be PACKED - as in cops everywhere, it'll take an hour to simply get into the parking lot, another hour to park, crowded like crazy in the stores, and then an hour at LEAST waiting on car lines to get out. I went on labor day, and good LORD it was INSANE - I was there over 3 hours and I only went to buy a jacket from the Saks outlet!!!
  5. I'm working that day, so no angry shopping for me! Plus, I never really found anything amazing during Black Friday sales in the past, so even if I wasn't working, I wouldn't be going anyway!
  6. wowie!! yes I plan to arrive at around 9:30ish, just to ensure myself that I will get a park for when it opens at 12. Im pretty intimidated by the whole scene though, so I havent made up my mind on what to do yet! was there at least good sales?? thanks!!
  7. ^^ I'm already planning out my shopping schedule!

    12am - 5am: some electronics store, still need to check deal sites to see which one to hit
    5 am - 6am: starbucks to refuel
    6am - 8am: i heard h&m is having 25% off
    8am - 12am: bloomies/Saks/NM
  8. probably not. i have work. boohoo. but i might spend some on cyber monday.
  9. No way. I'll pay more later just to shop in peace. I can't stand the swarms of people. I avoid all malls and stores on that day, and for a few days after.
  10. i was considering it,a little scared since i have never done it before, i have to check out all of the sales and plan a strategy
  11. I'm going to one of the outlets (either Hagerstown or Leesburg) on midnight and maybe the other one during the day. It will be CRAZY!!!
  12. YEAH!! but not starting until around 8am.. hahaha I don't want to get tackled by any crazy shoppers!! :P
  13. What's going on at bloomies,saks,nieman?
  14. No shopping for me on Black Friday!

    I will hide at home.

    I don't want to be killed over an argument for a parking place at the mall.
  15. Well i am not the person who goes out at midnight to shop. I go to the mall in the afternoon.