Going shopping... need suggestions!

  1. I LOVEEE how the denim baggy pm - i love the size, i love the front pocket, i love how easy it is to wear... just everything! :heart:

    I am going shopping since my bf won some $$ from a casino and he is buying me some goodies... :yahoo::yahoo: i need some suggestions...

    What is another bag comparable to the denim baggy pm in the LV family?
    i am mostly looking for a shoulder bag in the mono line, mc line and vernis line but i am open to any and all suggestions... thanks!!!
  2. I can't think of one off the top of my head. That is a great bag, and it is so cute on! Have you thought about looking for another one in a different color?? I love the pink and the green!
  3. get the baggy. I have this bag in the GM and love it. its such a great shoulder bag and looks awesome with anything you wear. If you want to spend a little less than you could get a neverfull with money left over for another goodie. say a an azur speedy?
  4. Multicolor Lodge would be a good option.
  5. I love the little beverly clutch....affordable luxury for the shoulder...
  6. I agree:tup:, especially the Lodge PM.
    In the denim family, the baggy PM is a great choice, but I personally don't have it cuz it's too similar to the Lodge PM which I own and I just can't justify paying 1000$+ for denim...
    If you like it then go for it, but just be careful with choosing a bag with good symmetry cuz denim tends to be really off...
  7. Neo Cabby!!!!!!! :drool:
  8. Definitely Lodge PM in white! I saw it IRL last week and haven't been able to get it out of my head since then! It's similar to the baggy but a bit more structured I think...
  9. thank you all for the suggestions... i'll let you all know when i'm back from the shopping trip!
  10. ^Can't wait. :graucho:
  11. ooh! i cant wait to see pictures!
  12. totally agree neocabby black is the bag of the season....nicest LV bag out right now imo....:tup:
  13. I also saw the Black Neo Cabby MM... It's SO cute and pretty! :drool: But they were sold out, the one the SA was showing me was already on hold for someone... :crybaby:That bag is definitely on my to-buy list!
  14. NO BAG IS COMPARABLE TO THE DENIM BAGGY PM!!:yahoo: I love that bag so much, it's the best LV bag I ever bought!:tup: