Going shopping - anyone need anything?

  1. I'll be popping into my store tomorrow with a girlfriend...we're usually there for a loooooooooooooong time!

    Is anyone on the lookout for anything? There was a palladium pegasus cadena last week......anybody want me to keep an eye out for something?
  2. Wow GF - where's your store? Gold Coast?

    Anyway, can you please keep an eye out for a Scarf or Twilly in the Bolduc design in black/white? Thanks so much!!!! :flowers:
  3. welllll......I'll take a Vert Feuillage Bolide with palladium hardware and a couple of lavendar sachets and maybe you can throw in some of those drawer liners and while you're at it can you look to see if there's a bracelet or two that I just have to have but NOT with horses on it and nothing purple and if there are a few scarves without Golf Balls all over the place you can toss a few of those puppies on the pile too.

    ................:nuts: :angel:
  4. I actually went to the store the other day, I love the new store I've been a few times but alas my wallet cant take more then a perfume or twilly, and i want my first piece of Hermes to be something I will treasure forever. I love the suede CDC, but it didn't fit my wrist i need the GM. Anyway if they happen to have my dream black (or recently persuaded by SA, Orange) box, plad. 40 Kelly and your feeling generous you can donate it to my charity lol. Btw the sa was so nice this time, she was a cute little asian lady and was telling me how much she too prefers the kelly to the birkin. Enjoy your day GF!
  5. Well if you happen to see a 35 cm black birkin in clemence laying around that no one wants.... :p :roflmfao: ;)
  6. would you look out for the clover keyring for me? :shame:
  7. K, please see if they have any old age "Christine" lying in its storeroom.

  8. OK...Christine, clover key charm, bolduc twilly, 35 black birkin in clemence...I'll keep an eye out!

    Cal - my store is the Sydney store.

    D - you'd better look out!! When I was there last week, there were plenty of golf ball scarves.........

    by the way - they do have the sachets, if you want some?
  9. nm - did you order the GM size? I LOVE the CDC's!!!!
  10. Well ... I want shooting star cadena, and the rest of the bags on my list :p
  11. No the SA said they should have some in about a month or two, as much as i love them i cant imagine dropping $1 300+ on a bracelet (FYI so depressed when i found out the price for the first time!) plus the Versace sale did a bit of damage and I'm now saving for a deposit for an apartment in the city (nice and close to Hermes blessing and a curse at the same time lol) my parents agreed only to help me out if i save my money, so Hermes will have to unfortunately wait a while, i feel horrorable lying to them and telling them that Versace had a "free belt and necklace and 50% of tops/jeans with every perfume purchase" sale which cause me to buy two fragrances. imagine the Hermes excuse, "matching belts, wallets and scarfs are offered free with SALE bags" lol
  12. LOL - you lie to your folks like I lie to my DH!!

    The CDC's are always in stock, anyway. Anthony is coming back from PAris in a week and a half, and a few weeks later, there will be lots of new things to play with !!
  13. yay, god i wish i didn't spend so much. But i do think a lot of the Hermes stock is too old for me, I plan to buy the CDC with my first paycheck when i get a full time job! and i want the H belt for my formal this year, but i don't think i will have raised enough funds, i have to cut my job down while i study for the HSC this year argh! anyway thats my life in a nutshell everything i want is too expensive for me.
  14. Thanks dear but I think I'm quite capable of wrecking enough havoc on my pocketbook on my own...:shame:
  15. Well, if you don't mind, be on the lookout for anything in rouge vif chevre ;) and I do mean anything.