Going Shopping, Any Ideas?

  1. I'm wracking my brain here for some ideas of what I could pick up for around $500. I already have an azur speedy and I really don't need anything like a cles or a wallet. Any ideas? You guys and gals always have such clever ideas. This is going to be a little present for myself from finishing a very hard semester at school.

    So the sky's the limit...give me some advice :yes:
  2. Mini pochette, inclusion bracelet, agenda, sunnies...
  3. Ooh, those bubble earrings if you can find them! (nevermind if you already have them)
  4. What about a pochette? Good price if your limit is $500. You'd even get $200 back! =D Or if you can go a little over your limit what about a batignolles or a mono spedy 30?
  5. yeah! A pochette!
  6. I love the etoile bandeau in rose (so pretty)! And I love the Macao clutch (I think it's 460?) -- it is about the same size as a pochette, but it has various pockets and dividers to keep things organized -- just love it!
  7. Monogram SHAWL!!! So gorgeous!
  8. Bandeaus are always nice, I love wearing them in my hair. And if you don't want to do that, then you can tie them on your bag as well.
    Or maybe something Inclusion? Or one of the new Sweet Monogram jewelry pieces?
  9. can you swing a tad more money? I would with the neverfull out soon.
  10. With $500, I would get a Mongram Shawl or a Bandeau and something in Inclusion.
  11. How about a bandeau and a MC wapity?
  12. I´d say a wapity and maybe a bandana, or why not someting from the new denim accesoires? I loved the mini zippy, but why don´t you better tell us what do you need or like? or just go to the store and get what catches your eye, I ove to do that! you see a lot of stuff and you pick what you most like
  13. A shawl or pochette.
  14. Well...I will start another thread as soon as I'm done taking pictures... and you shall see what I brought home. :p
  15. Shawl or shoes?