going rate of rouge VIF first?

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  1. Am thinking about sending my rouge VIF first to a consigner to sell for me on eBay..but was wondering what should I request the bag to be priced at? she takes about 10% of the final selling fee in additional to eBay and paypal fees.
    Please let me know, thanks!
  2. i don't know how it works, but i think you should voice how much u expect from this bag :yes:
  3. Hmmm I would ask for at least $995
  4. I think you need to take into consideration the condition of the bag :smile:
  5. Hi, it's hard to say, u may want to see how much u decide to sell as a startin price then go up a bit to cover the listing fees and so.....cheers
  6. why don't you try to sell it on eBay first, and if that fails, then send it to the consigner?
  7. I agree with peppy. Try eBay first!
  8. I dont have an ebay account....but its brand new with everything included. so I am sending it off to the consigner tommorrow so watch for it on ebay :smile:
  9. Please don't forget the FORUM RULES - no buy, selling, trading, or hinting that you're going to SELL your bags...


Thread Status:
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