Going price for chevre kelly 35

  1. Can anyone tell me the current going price of a kelly 35 in chevre ? Does the different type of chevre make much of a difference in price ? Would the lining of the kelly usually come in the same leather ? I gather chevre would be more expensive than togo or clemence, right ? Thanks
  2. I got mine last month, it was US$7,100.
    It is more expensive than Togo, I think about 1K more. I
  3. Thanks Happy1. What color is yours ?
  4. Last year chevre was exactly $500 more than togo or clemence on most bags, however I heard that the prices of exotics (which includes chevre) went up significantly more than regular leathers this year (Feb. 2007) so I'm not surprised at the 1K difference. We might expect regular leathers to increase more than exotics in 2008.
  5. I second Frenchiefan on this. As she said, Chevre used to be exactly that $500 higher than other leathers - while I'm not sure of the exact amount it's now higher after the February increase, on the few bags I've priced it on recently, it does seem to be significantly more than that now.
  6. What does a 28 and a 32 run now?
  7. Mine is a 32, not 35, Black, with gold hardware.
    Sorry, I read it wrong
  8. ^ Please don't laugh at my attempt to do some math here.:smile:

    The only Chevre Kelly I've priced since the February increase was a 32 Sellier: it was $7600. Before the increase that same Kelly was $6900.

    Before the price increase a 32 Retourne was $6200. So using the earlier Sellier as an example, that would probably make a 32 Retourne approximately $6900 now.

    That of course assumes that H is somewhat consistent in their pricing, which is a completely erroneous assumption.:upsidedown: So that 32 Retourne price is only a guess. No idea about the 28's.

    (Just saw happy1's post below: Was your 32 for $7100 a Sellier or Retourne? That should tell us how consistent things are.)
  9. Hello JBL,
    I just bought a 35 Etoupe Kelly in Chevre for $7300 palladium hardware. Including tax it came out to $7920.50
  10. It has stitching on the outside.
  11. Thanks so much guys. Much appreciated. Any price difference in inside or outside stitching ? What's the advantage of one over the other ? And to those who have chevre kellys do they stand pretty well or does the leather bend after a while ?
  12. Inside stitching gives a more casual, slouchy look to the bag, while outside stictching is more formal. The outside stitching also keeps the bag from sagging.