Going picketing with the SCRANTONES!!!

  1. This afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Shoo will be joining the picket line in front of Universal to support the writers strike. Mr. Shoo as you know is a studio musician who in addition to working on records also works on incidental music for t.v. shows and movies so when certain shows go dark, so does that part of his income. He is also an original member of the Scrantones (The Office) and today the group is joining some cast members (Andy in particular) to provide some music for the picket line. Mr. Shoo will be playing the washboard - they will be doing some good old protest songs so we may be on your local news later today....wish them luck and hope this strike is over SOON!
  2. Good luck! Wishing the best outcome for the writers!

    BTW - love the song from The Office!
  3. How neat, Shoo!! Good for you two! I really hope this strike is over soon and that these poor writers get what they've been asking for. If you two get on the local news there, could you post a link? Best of luck!
  4. will do. I'll be taking lots of photos too so I will post those as well.

    oh and most important, I'll be wearing my Balenciaga Black Day! :lol:
  5. Good luck!!!
  6. Saw a clip of "Darryl" singing Creep by Radiohead. Brilliant!
  7. I'm baaack! Will be posting photos in a new thread....BRB.
  8. Cannot wait to see them - way to support the cause! :tup:
  9. Good photos, 'Shoo. It's a shame it was under these circumstances. I love The Office. Best of luck to the writers for a positive outcome!
  10. Thanks for the photos, Shoo. You look gorgeous! It's a shame how writers are treated there. I think it's always been like that...