going out to dinner bag- what's your favorite?

  1. speedy? batignolles regular (anyone?)? klara? vavin pm? sonatine? what say you??? :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  2. Gosh, no replies yet. I have only one LV bag (I have some accessories), a Piano tote, and I don't use it in the evening. If I had a BH(my favorite LV) I'd use it in the evening. Otherwise, one of the small cosmetic/clutch size bags would work for me.
  3. Recital :love:
  4. Sonatine :smile: Now if only hubby would take me out so I can use her - have had her 2 mos and still never been used...
  5. red epi pochette
  6. speedy
  7. Sophie
  8. Pochette or damier rift!
  9. Pochette Accessories. Or petit bucket.
  10. I think my favorite going out bag will be Sophie once I get my hands on her. Can't wait!
  11. Lexington, or Tikal PM


  12. ohhhh. the tikal pm is a cute one! ^^^
  13. mm...pearl lexington, sophie (if I have one), coussin, tikal, croissant, shirley
  14. sophie, mini hl, pochette, wapity, speedy
  15. My LV denim mini-pleaty or my Balenciaga 04 Red First

    For dressier evenings, I'll go with my LV Silver Miroir Pochette!